The Angband Ladder: Orctard, Half-Orc Adventurer by licker

Posted on 29.11.2007 16:40
Last updated on 29.11.2007 19:47

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On 29.11.2007 16:40 wrote:
Finally have a decent char running. The sword seems like it shouldbe nicer than it is, but damage dice are smallish :p

Had to run from wormy actually, as he kept on stealing my crap and I didn't want to run out of food.

On 29.11.2007 16:43 wrote:
Oh yeah, and how or when do I get restore stats?

Stupid red naga just wouldn't die and then a rediculose baby mage confused me before I could put some distance between us.

On 29.11.2007 16:57 HallucinationMushroom@Yahoo.egg wrote:
I declare 4,000 bonus points for the best orc name ever.

On 29.11.2007 17:40 wrote:
Quick update...

Managed Wormy this time by frost bolting him from afar, then letting him walk over to me... As you can see he gave me a special dagger, but I have a hard time imagining it does more damage than my ax, and since I'm built to melee...

I think my war ax is also vampiric, but I'm hanging on to the sword until I can find some ID. I am leary of trying out the other excellent weapons as the new cursed system can screw you if you don't have ?RC handy.

If anyone has some advice on what amount of junk its worth lugging around I'd appreciate it. I do have a stash of food, just not in my inventory right now.

On 29.11.2007 19:46 daven_26d1 wrote:
Heh heh, Orctard...

You're doing pretty well... how are you finding the middle game difficulty?

Stats are restored via restore potions, unfortunately sometimes putting up with damaged stats for ages is an aspect of ironman play.

Its best to hang on ?rem_curse until you basically cant carry any more unIDed stuff, test one thing, if its not cursed keep exploring, or if it is cursed test everything else, until you run out of gear to test or slots to put it on. Then read scroll and get multiple uses out of the scroll. Obviously sometimes its so important to test an item that you shouldn't wait, though. If weight is an issue, ditch unIDed armour by the stairs down, as long as you can detect monsters and are pretty sure you wont have to flee the level. Apologies if you are already know all this.

You seem to have the same bad luck with ?ID that I had, although I eventually found the book containing the spell. Have you had many ?rem_curse? I found about 3-4 over the course of my game, but was lucky to get a wand of same.

As for your equip, definitely hang onto the shortsword for the nether resist. Im not sure what antoine has done regarding cursed egos & depths, but if it was V I wouldn't hesitate to test those {excellent} weapons as they are responsible for a lot of extra baggage right now, and the odds of a cursed ego is minimal. Sometimes in Ironman you just have to guess and make a sacrifice. Stash stuff when you enter a floor if you like, you are at least 2 pts slowed there, I think.

The {special} dagger is one of the *thanc daggers, so it will basically give an elemental resist and a brand. You can test it by throwing at hounds or whatever and seeing if the resistance appears in their blurb. You can test your ego weapons the same way, just make sure the resist wasn't in the monster memory before attacking.

Personally, I'd ditch the wand of cure light, it doesn't cost much to cast anyway, and you shouldn't need too many castings per floor. It depends on if you are running out of mana in general though. Also, if you need space leaving a floor, feel free to throw away one or both rings of protection, they aren't very likely to better than (+15) and probably much lower or cursed, you already have a (+12) anyway.

Unfortunately, if you dont find RC or ID soon, you'll need to take some guesses and put yourself in the hands of the RNG, your luck isn't too bad, so fingers crossed.

If your bow wasnt so weak I suggest ditching the iron shots, but I think you are smart to keep them at least until some nice arrows come along; if you get any enchant weapon scrolls, use them on your arrows (not the whole stack, drop like 10-2o and do them).

On 29.11.2007 19:47 licker wrote:
Another quick update...

Found a !restore Perception, still no resStr though...

Some talismans for fun, but I'm not super mageish...

Made a mistake (I think) ditching the vampiric sword (1d7) for the war ax, but the =dam is letting me kill kill kill :)

Ran away from Mim, didn't have the speed to compete, and he was just acid and disench all my gear anyway.

I have some *nice* armor, but otherwise all my kit is fairly useless, hopefully things will pick up, or maybe I need to funnel some more into luck. Not too many player levels left though (caps at 36 right?)

On 29.11.2007 19:54 licker wrote:
Ahh, didn't see your comments before my update :(

Thanks for the tips, I already did some of them, and no need to apologize for giveing 'basic' info. It never hurts to be reminded that I'm doing things 'correctly'.

I've only had 2 winners in other *bands so while I'm not exactly a rookie, I'm certainly no expert, and I'd never really tried ironman seriously, though it always appealed to me on a basic level.

I've collected the basic (I assume) books now, so my spell abilities are ok, I'm still relying almost solely on melee (especially now that I have FA, ran into a pack of ghouls and managed to deal with them, but it reminded me that I needed FA). I do light every room, and detect traps regularly, also the wand of dMon is zapped here and there, still I usually wind up with enough mana at the end of the level to ID stuff, and eventually I guess I'll have to make some extra bread and light.

I found a glowing pebble, but when I IDed it it squelched... my bad on the settings :p

Can the Talismans get zapped? I assume they can get stolen anyway. Not to heavy to worry about for now, and when I finally get my strength back up...

On 29.11.2007 20:20 daven_26d1 wrote:
Nice one, got some important issues covered! You could easily be 5-10 floors deeper with that setup, although lack of permanent see invis is a pain. Something Ironband does give you is easier access to reusable sources of ID and RC, which are one of the major finds you *need* to get in Ironman. A few more waybreads, and you'll be able to ditch the slow digestion amulet for something nicer (I generally try to have 6 waybreads and be Gorged when I do that, remembering to drink unwanted potions for a top-up whenever I see them) of course first you gotta find something better...

...oh, and if you find an amulet of fortune, (or any source of fortune) try swapping it on when you enter a new floor, should get you better items strewn about.

On 29.11.2007 20:23 daven(again) wrote:
Yes, I think ditching the sword was a mistake, not too heavy and it had Rnether, which has late game usabilty. I agree the axe is a better primary weapon, but you could also have been swapping in the sword to drink from weaker foes when you needed to.

On 29.11.2007 21:54 Matthias wrote:
I always tried to keep two of each Talismans in my pack. I never had one destroyed (same for books and wands) though, so I'd guess they are "almost indestructable" as well.

On 29.11.2007 22:40 licker wrote:
Meh, hate when I forget a dump...

Died due to a risk in tackleing a mature bronze dragon with only 1 CCW.

T'was in a vault and after clearing out the rest of the level I wandered back and took care of the rest of the baddies, but in the last area (on of those vaults where the rooms get smaller as you dig them out) there was the 'd' and a bodak...

Anyway, I thought I could manage it, but got confed right away, quaffed since I didn't want to let the bodak out as well, and well... got confed before I could pd out :p

Mana was under 10 so not much set up I could do. Oh well, live and learn... Had just found a War Axe Defender a few levels back too :p

I definately did better with a more melee oriented character, and if not for my inability to get my strength back up I might have not had to go through as many CCWs and CSWs in some earlier fights when my weapon got too heavy for me and halved my attacks.

I probably should have swapped in the dagger for those, but 1.5 x 2d6 is the same as 3 x 1d6. Also the benefits of a defender to defense and better +damage...

Meh, maybe I'll try a lucky dwarf...

On 29.11.2007 23:55 daven_26d1 wrote:
Bad luck, guess that'll teach you to get so greedy! I just got death by vault in Un, so I'm equally as guilty.

Bet you wish you'd hung onto that shortsword of vampirism for when your strength got too low, huh? I had an awful feeling throwing that away would come back to bite you in the ass.

Try force_small_levels for a quick and fun game!

On 30.11.2007 01:34 antoine wrote:
Dragon 1, Halforc 0

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