The Angband Ladder: Luthien, High-Elf Adventurer by <daven_26d1>

Posted on 26.11.2007 01:23
Last updated on 26.11.2007 23:12

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On 26.11.2007 01:23 daven_26d1 wrote:
I was so interested in this variant, and it built so badly on my linux, that I actually dug out a windows drive to give it a test drive.

My first effort in progress - nothing has really given me a problem so far, though I have admittedly copped out a bit and picked a high elf.

Starting to wish I'd hung onto jewellery of RBase as the ego arnour is just not forthcoming. The only artifact I have seen is the PoG.

On 26.11.2007 09:41 wrote:
Bummer about the Linux build. If you've tried NPP, is that equally problematic or is Iron worse?

On 26.11.2007 12:24 daven_26d1 wrote:
Nope, I never tried NPP. Last time I got so many warnings compiling band, It was portralis, and after getting it running it was sucky due to bugs. This time, ironband did the same and finished on an error, so instead of bothering to edit the makefile, I just assumed that playing from the win binary would be smartest for a test run. If I get into Iron, I'll have a go at getting one running from source, it may well be that despite all those warnings the game runs fine. Its just that this way round I get to see a working one first.

On 26.11.2007 19:34 wrote:
Those warnings are probably my crappy coding style :)

If you do get it running from source I would like to hear about it.


On 26.11.2007 23:12 daven_26d1 wrote:
Urk. Double turned whilst halfway through clearing a coin pit (which i should have left until I'd explored the floor, once I knew I had the mana and potions spare).

I also should have swapped in =damage and topped up bless. I guess its no first for an angband char to be lost via complacency! Interestingly enough, I thought I would die if I loaded the game, as I wasn't really in the mood, just bored - there is a lesson there - leave your @ alone if you can't bring yourself to care about it!

Last couple of floors yielded those spellbooks above first (finally!), and I had a few talismans that weren't of much/any use stashed on this floor for later.

Antoine: Yeah, when I fancy some more Ironman I'll get it running in linux. I just wanted to play the game rather than spend some time working out how to compile it.

On 27.11.2007 03:32 wrote:
I'm guessing you didn't have much trouble with Illitha?

On 27.11.2007 03:33 wrote:
Oh, and don't forget that the boots and helmet damage your Stealth and Perception (respectively) - the AC bonus may not be worth it!

On 27.11.2007 15:04 daven_26d1 wrote:
Illitha gave me little trouble, snuck up on her, we did a little dance around the some branches. Kinda fun but over in <10 player turns.

I was aware of the stealth/perception reduction, actually I'd been taking of my boots when wandering around, and my perception was adequate for hitting most things with my bow, at least to this point.

On 27.11.2007 18:22 daven_26d1 wrote:
nice description for Illitha BTW, "At least she's cute when she's angry, which is all the time" =)

On 29.11.2007 13:47 daven_26d1 wrote:
"a Bone Amulet of Fortune... was lying on the floor on dungeon level 13."

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