The Angband Ladder: Weyland I, High-Elf Ranger by Diogenes

Posted on 4.10.2007 21:12
Last updated on 6.10.2007 16:02

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On 4.10.2007 21:12 Diogenes wrote:
Actually my 2nd attempt at a HE Ranger... my first one looked good and then ran into an acid trap after about five moves... But this one fares better. Took some tips in the thread to heart. I'm slowly running out of arrows, though... started with 40 but they keep dissapearing and are not in the loot.

The Magic Missile is becoming the replacement of the arrows.

On 4.10.2007 21:44 Dragonboneman wrote:
Any reason you're on 3.0.6 instead of something more recent?

On 4.10.2007 22:57 wrote:
Come to think of it... not really. To be honest, I'm a bit lazy in this regard: when a version works okay I usually stick with it for a while.

From what I heard, I will not be jumping for joy about the new shop system, but it shouldn't be a show-stopper.

Do you think there are any major improvements?



On 4.10.2007 23:35 Dragonboneman wrote:
In the main part it's the same game. It has a form of squelch now, although some players prefer the "autokill" squelch in 3.0.7.
There are also some changes to item management, such as autopickup of items which stack with what you're already carrying (kinda like the =g autoinscription). Oh, and lanterns are no longer sold in the general store.

On 4.10.2007 23:36 Matthias wrote:
Squelch, among other things. Also, it took me one game to get used to the new shopping system and I definitely think it is an improvement

On 5.10.2007 21:48 Diogenes wrote:
The 2nd posting of my HE Ranger. I'll post about him in a ARR thread.

On 6.10.2007 00:24 Diogenes wrote:
The result of my 4th dive. Notice the two Defenders I found on 50' and 500' (the latter kindly received courtesy of Grishnak, the Hill Orc - for wich I cannot thank him enough)

On 6.10.2007 16:02 Diogenes wrote:
Alas... Poor Weyland died of some stupid Air Hounds I thought he could easily handle.

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