The Angband Ladder: puff, Dunadan Paladin by <>

Posted on 4.10.2007 18:14

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On 4.10.2007 18:14 wrote:
i found some nice items ... now debating to keep searching for stat potions, or dive down to 3500' and die

On 4.10.2007 19:48 HallucinationMushroom@Yahoo.egg wrote:
Those are pretty extreme choices! I suggest striking a balance and dropping to 2500' for a while. If you insist on heading to 3500' be very selective about where and what you fight. Look for Ancient dragons and wyrms of fire/cold etc... Make sure to buff up resists and try to get a ring of constitution to buff up your hitpoints. Uniques and other nasties at 3500' will probably eviscerate you, so be very vigilant with your detection.

On 4.10.2007 21:08 Paffa wrote:
Try to get at least STR, WIS and CON a bit higher before going that deep. Paladins use melee. You'll *need* more hp for nastier monsters.

On 4.10.2007 23:46 smee wrote:
o yes i mean 2500, typo :D sorry to startle you

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