The Angband Ladder: Coimar, Dunadan Ranger by bonzo

Posted on 8.9.2007 04:30
Last updated on 20.9.2007 01:51

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On 8.9.2007 04:30 bonzo wrote:
My first dump to the ladder. I haven't been playing bands all that long, but have loved NPP so far. Coimar is my highest leveled character to date, in any band, and his gear is looking pretty good. Still waiting for a good bow to drop. Been concentrating on AC and improving the generic/original bow with scrolls. Seems to have worked well so far.

On 8.9.2007 15:09 Matthias wrote:
Why would you not wear the speedring?!?

On 8.9.2007 18:23 bonzo wrote:
Actually, I had been wearing the speed ring up until just before this dump when I purchased the Ring Of Protection +18. That ring is brand new and I thought I'd try wearing in order to experiment a bit with AC. I haven't played with this much AC before so I'm curious to see just how much difference it will make at this level. The plan is to put the ring on when I need some room to retreat to fire the bow. I don't know if I'll continue to do that or not. I do now understand how important speed is...I hadn't quite understood it's importance since all my other characters have not made it this far.

On 8.9.2007 21:09 bonzo wrote:
Continuing to ask and complete monster quests, playing conservatively to see just how high I can get this Ranger. Got a new sword on the last quest. Still looking for a nice bow drop.

On 9.9.2007 04:46 bonzo wrote:
Quit last quest...couldn't get close to the Nexus Hounds without being teleported away. Quest guild door locked now...was surprised by that...1st ever quest I've not finished or died trying to complete. Hopefully it will open back up as the NPP quests are the reason to play. Coimar is Level 22 now. New Shield of Resistance. Sold some trinkets at home to buy a new bow.

On 19.9.2007 05:28 bonzo wrote:
During last quest had most of equipment damaged by acid from Water Hounds. I thought my amulet prevented acid damage??? Received 'Sting' for efforts. Heading back down for yet another quest.

On 19.9.2007 05:30 bonzo wrote:
Ah, never mind. Amulet gives resistance, not immunity.

On 20.9.2007 01:51 bonzo wrote:
Well, so much for that. Ran into Mim and ran out of healing pots. Would have loved to have had more mana.

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