The Angband Ladder: Corrigan, High-Elf Geomancer by <>

Posted on 17.8.2007 05:03
Last updated on 16.12.2007 05:30

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On 17.8.2007 05:03 wrote:
Took a long break from Tome and decided to pick it up again and try for my first void winner. I got tried in theme before with a rawrog ascetic (named nalsa, posted here), but stupidly left Vecna alive b4 entering void. Anyway, this time I'm going pure caster. Maxed fire for damage and air to skip the whole "looking for a cloak of air" pain. Enough conveyance to cast all the spells but recall. Eru takes care of the knowledge end of things. Only important thing left to max is spell power which will be taken care of next level. Not sure what to do with the rest of the skill points. Magic device or plain magic for mana I guess. Gonna have to track down Sauron in Angband for the ring. Angband is gonna be a pain since I opted for max quests.

On 17.8.2007 22:47 wrote:
Good luck with your mancer. Geomancer are a challenge I yet have to take. Don't rush it foolishly. :-)

On 25.8.2007 19:49 wrote:
Made it through the Dim Gates and got Narya with little difficulty. Not one other artifact on the level though :( Narya is an upgrade from the ring I was using opposite Flare, but I really wish I could find a scroll of artifact creation for that RoS I have stashed.

On 26.8.2007 12:08 wrote:
Watch it, artifact scroll wont work on ego-items. RoS is considered an ego-item. I have learned this the hard way. Of course, attempting to use the scroll on any unsuited item destroys it.

On 28.8.2007 17:59 wrote:
Weird, my last winner character had a RoS that I magiced up with a scroll of artifact creation, but that was over a year ago and may have been an earlier version of TOME. I'll have to go back and look.

On 9.9.2007 02:33 wrote:
One Ring is gone. Sauron gave it up on the second try in Angband. Then the purple 'p' himself died on Mount Doom immediately after. That was touch and go for a bit. Man, Mount Doom would really suck without the Ring of Flare. Next comes the big guy himself.

On 10.9.2007 05:44 wrote:
Bye bye Morgie! Lay of Protection for anti summoning. Then I just blasted him. Pretty simple really. Used each ring of power once for healing and that's all it took. Took a trip down to Erebor and scummed for a fountain of *Healing*. Found one after 18 tries. 50 Air skill should provide the magic breath. So I think I have everything I need. Just need to hunt down a few of the nastier lingering uniques before I head into the void. Last time I tried the void I died largely because I left Vecna alive before starting my run. Won't make that mistake again.

On 6.12.2007 07:32 wrote:
Ok, took a long break to play some other games. After that it took FOREVER to track down all the uniques I wanted dead b4 trying the void. Finally took the plunge and made it to the Nether Realms. Man, this place SUCKS! Makes the Void look like a friggin tea party. I'm almost certain I'm gonna end up making a mistake and getting killed before getting to the bottom.

On 16.12.2007 05:30 wrote:
Well, that was awful. It took hours upon hours upon hours to dive to the bottom of the Nether Realm. There were a few very close calls along the way including setting off a trap that took me down to 45 hp. Tiki was a challenge but not TOO terrible. Worst part about it is she killed my symbiote. Not sure how I'm going to replace it since I didn't bring any summoning scrolls. I ran into dungeon towns on Nether 671 and 672. Maybe I can get a scroll there. I don't recall which shops there were, nothing useful at time. Hopefully I can get back up to the Void without snuffing it. Loosing at this point would suck.

On 4.10.2008 23:38 wrote:
I'm getting back into Tome (moslly Theme) again after a long break. This character died in the Nether Realms, never did get to Melkor. Got fried by chain summoning dragons. I dunno if I'll ever try a void diver again. Its not that the difficulty is unmanageable, its just that it's so repetitive and boring that my mind wanders a bit and I make a dumb mistake.

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