The Angband Ladder: Anadyn, Druadan Ranger by Psi

Posted on 5.7.2007 12:00
Last updated on 10.7.2007 08:33

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On 5.7.2007 12:00 Psi wrote:
Latest ranger attempt. Seems to be going well, but I am having to play as a warrior as I haven't found any decent arrows yet...

On 5.7.2007 12:04 Psi wrote:
Should have commented on the boots which have certainly speeded my progress. I was in a wilderness vault in about SV36 or 38. It was only a 'good' level so I was about to destroy the unID'd sandals on the floor, but something stopped me and you can imagine my relief when they turned out to be speed boots!

On 5.7.2007 14:02 Nick wrote:
Looks promising. I've managed to kill several druids in short order, but I'm not really trying very hard. I'm in development mode at the moment - or that's my excuse, anyway.

On 5.7.2007 15:28 Psi wrote:
Found some arrows of hurt dragon so recalled to Nargothrond to take care of Glaurung. Not sure on the speciality yet, but I'm leaning towards marksman.

On 5.7.2007 15:33 Psi wrote:
I've just realised that to this point, Anadyn is going faster than Shadow VI! That is the advantage of speed boots for you!

On 5.7.2007 17:00 Psi wrote:
Found a bubble vault which yielded many randarts, but Tulkas, a load of new arrows and Songs of Bombadil (first time I've ever had that book when I could use it!) were the only swap ins until I can *ID* the ones I could carry back.

On 6.7.2007 10:10 Psi wrote:
Was finding life tough at Ang75 so retreated back to Ang71 and was rewarded with Elessar and Balli. The latter was a godsend for rBlind - I had not been worrying about it with telepathy but then I suddenly realised I had no means of escape when I got jumped by Tevildo and his blinding attacks! I had to wait for him to blink and then hope I had time to quaff !oHealing and read ?oTL before being blinded again!

I'm now hoping for an art cloak and a RoS (and Ringil of course) and I'll pretty much have my kit sorted.

On 6.7.2007 10:13 Psi wrote:
I've just realised that my char is only 12 years old! What would his parents say if they knew what their only child was up to...

On 6.7.2007 12:42 Psi wrote:
A bubble vault has furnished me with a good cloak.

On 6.7.2007 14:14 Psi wrote:
Finished stat gain. Swapped a =oEregion for Barahir (hopefully I can pick up a =oS or Warfare soon).

On 6.7.2007 14:39 Psi wrote:
Oh and for the record, Pongo dropped a broken stick. Thanks Pongo.

On 6.7.2007 15:52 Psi wrote:
A GCV has furnished me with several potential swaps - however it would be at the expense of my speed boots which I can't give up yet.

On 6.7.2007 16:27 Nick wrote:
Yes. a nice high ring of speed would help about now. Or Ringil :)

On 6.7.2007 16:52 Psi wrote:
Well I now have the base speed I need for Morgoth and the Swan shield ready to protect my stats. Infact I have the whole Vinyamar set - but I'd have to forfeit my speed boots in order to keep rNether in my kit. I'm running low on arrows now so could do with a chestful of them...

On 6.7.2007 17:18 Psi wrote:
I have never had a weapon like this before - Aule is a real monster crusher! Added some more arrows too. Belthronding for rDisenchant would make things just about perfect...

On 6.7.2007 17:53 Seany C wrote:
Nice work - going to dash for a sub-500k effort? :)

On 6.7.2007 18:04 Psi wrote:
It is tempting... but I'd rather ensure the win than go for speed... or should I...

On 6.7.2007 18:28 Psi wrote:
Decided to give it a go. Grabbed my _oSpeed as I only had one !oSpeed left. On Ang99 a balrog breathed and destroyed my staff! Typical.

On 6.7.2007 18:32 Psi wrote:
Still decided to go for it. Morgoth arrived and out of my LoS he summoned Guardians... Ungoliant, Sauron, Vecna and A.N.Other showed up. Instant ?oTL.

On 6.7.2007 18:45 Psi wrote:
Tried again. He summoned ancient dragons twice and I only had one scroll of Mass Genocide. Went through masses of healing too... :-(

I'm going to run out of ?RoP if I'm not careful.

I think I'm going to have to do a wilderness trek and get merchants finding consumables - and I'm tempted to start taking care of the guardians and uniques too.

On 7.7.2007 00:19 Nick wrote:
*Evil grin*

On 7.7.2007 20:45 Psi wrote:
Did TIG in one dive - nothing to note except Bregor.

On 9.7.2007 03:01 Nick wrote:
Worth noting for a ranger, though...

On 9.7.2007 13:53 Psi wrote:
Certainly! It was the bow I was after.

I've now taken down most of the big hitters - just Cantoras, Tarrasque and Lord of Flesh to go I think (excluding Ungoliant). If I swap my kit around I can get a base speed of +40! However I'm going around at +32 for now.

On 9.7.2007 15:47 Nick wrote:
I have an Ent Druid to level 20 now - I'll post it if I get past Mim. I don't think I'll beat you to the win, though...

On 9.7.2007 20:54 Psi wrote:
Cantoras and the Tarrasque have departed (I forgot to swap in Belthronding until I was hit with the first disenchant breath by the latter too...). Found Cubragol, but I'm sticking to bows and don't actually need the extra speed.

Btw I have a mid level Entish druid somewhere too (was on my pda before it broke but I have the savefile backed up on my PC).

On 10.7.2007 09:01 Nick wrote:
OK, only druids to go then :)

That's a really nice pair of randart gloves.

On 10.7.2007 10:04 Psi wrote:
Yes, the gloves were the final piece of the jigsaw. They finally enabled me to swap Haleth for Swan - I just couldn't find a source of rDark without sacrificing too much else (Soulkeeper was the only other source that I hadn't sold early in the game and then I'd lose rConf as well as HP and a source of rPois).

Of course I only found the Seeker Arrows of Hurt Dragon (1d15) (+10,+8) after I had taken out all the dragon uniques! They hit for an average of ~340HP per shot against dragons! Not bad with 5 shots per round...

The only problem with Morgoth was his summons. First time up popped Baphomet, Uvatha and The Lord of Flesh whom I teleported away individually. From then on there were no special opponents left and he never summoned Ungoliant so I was able to get home with two scrolls of Mass Genocide to spare.

On 10.7.2007 10:10 Psi wrote:
My biggest surprise is the turncount! I won in only 1000 turns more than my diving assassin without even trying to go fast (for instance doing TIG and going unique hunting). That really shows the difference an early BoS find can make.

On 10.7.2007 10:38 Seany C wrote:
Well done - I think that's adequately quick. :)

Only Druids left, like Nick said (surprise, surprise, I've got a Lvl 30 Ent Druid saved at home too - I'll post her tonight). Looks like a shoot-out for the first winer but I know who my money's on... (and it ain't me)

On 10.7.2007 15:28 Bandobras wrote:
Out of curiosity: weren't the late-game arrows too powerful and the early-game too weak? (changes in O 1.1 suggest these)

On 10.7.2007 15:42 Psi wrote:
Early game arrows are weak and certainly with rapid fire, late game archery is *very* powerful.

On 10.7.2007 16:48 HallucinationMushroom@yahoo.egg wrote:
v 3 7! Or, in Mohaa speak, great shot!

Man, talk about the stars being aligned or something... I've got an Ent Druid too... Hehe.

Nice to see Morgy summoning up strong monsters. v37 again.

On 10.7.2007 17:07 Psi wrote:
Erm... v37? Some derivation of 1337?

On 10.7.2007 17:30 Psi wrote:
And going back to the archery debate, I must say that with the arrow breakage rate being so high, I found that I only really used archery against uniques and the rest of the game was played as a sub-standard warrior with great detection.

On 10.7.2007 19:02 HallucinationMushroom@Yahoo.egg wrote:
I really shouldn't say the first thing that pops into my head... heh. I thought, v37! In Mohaa, or Medal of Honor Allied Assault, you press v for voice commands, 3 for team sayings and 7 for Great Shot!

On 11.7.2007 04:47 Nick wrote:
Looks like we have an informal competition underway :)

On 11.7.2007 09:32 Psi wrote:
Well I've already blown it. Having found my savefile, I had a CL28 Ent Druid in Dorthonian 44. I found Haleth lying on the floor, then Vinyamar in Dor46 followed quickly by Holhenneth. I got a bit cocky at this point and tried to take out Vargo with melee. Two plasma bolts later and I was dead.

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