The Angband Ladder: Shadow IV, High-Elf Assassin by Psi

Posted on 23.5.2007 15:09
Last updated on 23.5.2007 18:20

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On 23.5.2007 15:09 Psi wrote:
Latest diving Assassin to take out Mim. Not the fastest, but certainly the lowest level.

Recently found Mablung which has allowed me to continue the dive. However this dump was taken after fighter Orcogar, a mindflayer, a mage and a deathwatch beetle all at once. Unfortunately the mindflayer used an amnesia attack so you'll have to guess at my kit for now...

On 23.5.2007 16:57 Nick wrote:
OK. Branded mace, bow of velocity, mail of resistance, Colannon, shield of resist acid, boots of stealth. Mark me out of 6.

On 23.5.2007 17:10 Psi wrote:
You got 2. The Mace was shocking and the boots were stealthy. Here is the updated dump...

On 23.5.2007 17:14 Nick wrote:
Impressive to beat Mim with that few resists.

On 23.5.2007 17:22 Psi wrote:
Well when I took on Mim, I had the =orAcid, Soft Leather Armour of rAcid, Thingol (rAcid) and !orAcid&Elec. Therefore I was immune to the only thing he was going to throw at me!

I was actually CL21 when I beat Mim, but his XP took me up a level. I'm desperate to find resistance - I nearly always have that way before now! Alternatively some nice artifact armour wouldn't go amiss...

On 23.5.2007 18:04 Psi wrote:
Hooray! Got my shield of resistance!

On 23.5.2007 18:20 Psi wrote:
Stupid staff failure in a greater vault - you'd think I'd be good enough at them. Seems I'm getting unstuck at about the same point everytime. Bah!

On 23.5.2007 18:21 Psi wrote:
Now I think about it, why didn't I just teleport him away? Isn't hindsight a great thing.

On 24.5.2007 09:56 Psi wrote:
Since I started diving, it is the first time I've noticed the 2000' (DL40) barrier. Whereas if I can get a start I can almost guarantee myself to knock off Mim, I seem to start struggling another 500+' down. I'm guessing this is through missing out on stat gain and also the improvements that are brought about by character leveling. I have also realised that I don't play nearly carefully enough and any mistake in this type of game tends to prove fatal.

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