The Angband Ladder: Kilwynn, Dwarf Priest by Nolendil

Posted on 14.5.2007 02:26
Last updated on 25.5.2007 02:35

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On 14.5.2007 02:26 Nolendil wrote:
I've been playing Angband (and lots of other roguelike/variants) for years but I've never been able to win :o(
Even when I use backup saves, I manage to overwrite my backup with an unusable save (e.g. one turn before insta-death) or get bored with it after some time, try another roguelike/variant and loose interest in my character when I come back to Angband.

This time, I'm decided to win :o)
First, I drop backup saves : it makes me play without taking care and so my playing skills never improve. This is probably an efficient decision as this character is probably one of the few who made the farthest without dying. I'm getting reasonable and no longer stay in a level until every monster has been cleaned. Now, whenever I'm in danger I quickly decide to run away (although not fast enough yet, I almost died a few times stupidly).
Secondly, instead of playing a High-Elf Mage, I chose a Dwarf Priest (which I believe is much easier to win with).

Advices are welcome, help me win this game at least once, please :o)

I already have a few questions :
- I usually play mage mostly because you can get the Identify spell quite early. So I'm used to identifying every item I find so I can choose the best to bring back with me (mostly to earn money in the early game, then to be sure not to miss any ego item/artifact later).
However, Priests don't get the equivalent prayer so easily.
So far, I don't even pickup or identify any item whose type is already known and which isn't useful to me (i.e. all armors/weapons, most known potions/scrolls/rings) unless it was dropped by a unique monster. I don't even pseudo-id them since priests' pseudo-id not very efficient and I'm too weak to carry lot of stuff with me.
I mostly pick up rods, wands and staves (for money or because they are useful), and any totally unknown item.
Should I do otherwise ?
Should I try to at least pseudo-id most stuff ? (but I get slowed down quite easily so any armor/weapon is a burden that might get me into trouble if I encounter dangerous foes meanwhile)
Should I bring some scrolls or staves of Perception in the dungeon ? (but they still cost quite a lot for me now, I can't afford to identify everything)

- Am I diving too slowly ? Is dlvl 11 for a clvl 19 character to shallow ?
As I don't identify a lot of items, I have very few resists right now so I'm afraid and tend to avoid most baby dragons.
I'm planning to dive a bit more with my current equipment but I'm worried about what I will meet there.
What should I do ?

On 14.5.2007 17:07 Paffa wrote:
Yes, you definitely should pick up all pieces of equipment you see. Once you're in a safe area, rest for a couple thousand turns. Anything that gets pseudo-id's as {good}, identify.

I'd hang around level 15 until some source RBase if I were you. Level doesn't play that big role, resists are more important.

On 14.5.2007 20:24 Nolendil wrote:
Thanks a lot for the answer and thanks also for reading my long post :o)

I thought about resting to pseudo-id but didn't want to increase my number of turns excessively. Anyway, I'm not an expert player so I shouldn't care about this and will follow your advice.

Just one though : isn't waiting for a couple thousands turns a bit too much? One or two hundreds should be enough in most case, shouldn't it?
I'm afraid that waiting for too long will make a lot of nasty monsters spawn and make the level too hard (however, I can still use WoR if it happens).

I'm currently clvl 20 and dlvl12. I'll keep going down to dlvl15 and stay there until I have some basic resists, as you told me.
What are the resists needed until I can start looking for stat potions (around dlvl24, IIRC)? Cold, fire, electricity, acid and poison, I suppose. Any other? (I already have Blindness, FF, FA and Acid)

On 15.5.2007 15:04 Paffa wrote:
Couple hundred is probably enough. I just gave some amount. And when you got enough money, you can buy enough ID scrolls to identify everything you see.

RBase= Acid, Fire, Lightning and Cold. Once you have them (With FA that you have) you can dive to around level 30-35, that's where stat potions begin to be at least a little frequent. You could also buy stat potions from Black Market if you can afford them.

Without RPoison it's dangerous to go deeper than 40 since Drolems and Green/Multi-hued dragons can insta-kill you. Blindness and confusion are also very handy, but not crucial.

On 16.5.2007 00:04 Nolendil wrote:
Ok, I thought RPoison was needed much earlier and so was part of basic resists.
I also thought stats potions were common more quickly.
Thanks for the info.

Blindness won't be a problem since it's a racial resist but RConfusion could be usefull. When I'm confused (as a character and as a player :o) ), I'm always a bit lost and don't want to spoil my !oCCW to remove it. Maybe I should bring some !oCSW for that.

I'm currently clvl21 on dlvl14 and just found a nice RoRCold. No new ego item so far but I haven't played much since last post. I'll post an updated character dump when things get more interesting (or when I'm dead :o/ ).
Time for some banding now :o)

On 16.5.2007 05:27 Nolendil wrote:
Yeah, I found my first artifact. Well, it's Narthanc but still :o)
(I wish I had the Phial, it's the first time I have to wait so much without finding it.)

Otherwise, I now have 3 of the basics resists. I just miss lightning resist.
Also note that my blessed weapon gives me SeeInv (I haven't *identified* it yet).

On 19.5.2007 18:55 Nolendil wrote:
I've been waiting for too long for ego items to appears at dlvl 15 : best stuff I found is a =oProtection [+18] (quite nice), a Small Metal Shield of Resist Fire [3,+5] (maybe I bought it, don't remember), a Metal Cap of Wisdom [3,+8] (+1) and a Sling of Power (x2) (+10,+16).
I'm getting bored so I'm diving a bit more. I hope not having RLightning won't cause too much trouble.
It's ok so far (dlvl 18, clvl 27).

However, I was able to buy a Bar Chain Mail of Resist Lightning at a store but I can't wear it without "encumbering my movement" (and probably lose some speed).
Should I wear it anyway?

What about my Sling of Power?
Would it be more efficient than my bow? I haven't figured out how to calculate the damage/round of firing weapons. I might dig more in the spoilers later.

Still no Phial or rare Priest Book -_-
At least, I have a nice stock of consumables in my home (maybe too much) and money is not so much a trouble (still can't buy ! of stat in BM but I might be able soon).

On 24.5.2007 01:22 wrote:
Don't wear armor that will drop your speed.
You should throw away those heavy boots.
Then maybe you can wear bar chain mail.

For missile weapons, take the multiplier,
and muliply that by the damage bonus.
For longbow, 3 * 9, for sling 2 * 16.
Then multiply by number of shots per round, 1 in either case.
Things are more complex, but that's a start.
The sling is a bit better, but even pebbles are twice
as heavy as arrows, so you should leave sling home unless
you find branded sling ammo or you run out of arrows.

On 25.5.2007 02:35 Nolendil wrote:
Thanks a lot for the info and advice.

I'll keep the bow as it seems the Sling won't help me much (and I can't afford to carry heavy ammo). I'll probably sell it when I need room in my home.

Unfortunately, I can't wear the Bar Chain Mail without being slowed and losing 20% of my SP, even if I remove the boots. Dropping anything else seems unwise.
If only I had a bit more strength or better ego items...

Nothing nice popped up except another Rod of Lightning Bolts (not the best Rods but better than nothing). I had to buy Etheral Openings at the BM.
Still no new artifact, still no phial (should I wander at shallow depth to increase the chance of finding it?)...

Dump updated, now at clvl 28 and dlvl 20 :
I killed all uniques up to Gorbag (except Golfimbul) without much trouble but I'm starting to meet groups of Z quite often. I always hated them. They breath a lot even when I'm out of their LoS (I didn't know they could). Not much damage to me but my items suffer a bit.
Diving more might be hazardous but I think I'll try (slowly) anyway, in hope of finding something useful (at last).
Orb of Draining helps a lot but I can't use it too much.
Otherwise, I always forget to use Dispel Evil/Undead which might be more efficient in some case. Maybe not right now, but in a few level, I guess Dispel damage should beat OoD (and failure rate, SP cost will be bearable).

On 25.5.2007 04:22 wrote:
Perhaps swap in =rFire for =protection,
then can leave the shield at home too
for a lighter load. You would lose a lot of AC,
so not good if you melee very much.

On a damage/mana basis, it takes a really large
group for dispelEvil to be more efficient that OoD.
In that case, better to portal. :)

For phial, likelihood increases when you kill things
with "good drop". That means deeper, not shallower,
to find it more quickly.
If you don't get it from Bullroarer, it may be a long time.

On 25.5.2007 22:15 Nightmarjoo wrote:
lol or just scum 250/300 staircase for "you feel something special" :) Turn on autoscum if you need to^^

On 26.5.2007 19:41 Nolendil wrote:
Eddie >
- I do melee a lot so I might not like this solution.
- Good point about the use of Dispel :o)
- Right, it's just that Bullroarer is "supposed" to drop the Phial, so I got used to getting it at around dlvl 5 and forgot that having monsters with good drops was more important. I'll keep diving then.

Nightmarjoo >
Er, I think I prefer Eddie's solution :o) (moreover I'm using preserve mode, so no special feelings).

On 26.5.2007 20:39 Paffa wrote:
I'd recommend sticking around at that depth until you find a shield or armor of resistance/elvenkind. That would allow you to swap for an amulet of wisdom and some more useful ring.

Once you have enough SP to do a little more OoD's, you can instantly forget about meleeing anything :D

On 27.5.2007 07:44 wrote:
Hmm, you're right, I'm already having more interesting drops at dlvl 20 (just had weapons of Flame and *Slay Giant*, my Flail (Blessed) is still better but it's a sign that I might find what I need soon). I'll stay there. It might be foolish to dive more but as I don't have much trouble clearing levels, I was starting to get overconfident.
Thanks :o)

On 9.6.2007 23:32 Nolendil wrote:
Hum, not much time to play Angband recently. Real Life(TM) keeps wasting my time :o)

Latest news about Kilwynn :
I managed to get all basic resists. To achieve that I bought a Soft Leather Armour of Resist Acid and switched my amulet with one of RLightning.
I also bought a Cloack of Stealth (+3), 2 Rod of Fire Bolt (to replace my Rods of Lightning Bolts) and some !oCharisma (I can't afford the others). And my new Metal Shod Bots provides FF (not that it's much useful, but better than nothing) (I don't remember if I found or bought them).
I'm clvl 30 at dlvl 22 and all uniques up to Ugluk are dead. Azog is probably the next to fall. I'm a bit worried about Mim and his family, they are always a pain for me.
Otherwise, no new rare priest book, no phial, no new artifact, no interesting drop (except some mithril arrows), no luck... :o/
I'll dive a bit more and hope.
I hope to get back to banding soon.

No update of character dump now as I'm in the dungeon and prefer to make dumps in town so that my equipment shows what I use before going back to the dungeon.

(PS : btw, that was me just above, forgot to login)

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