The Angband Ladder: Axel, Petty-Dwarf Geomancer by <>

Posted on 13.5.2007 13:55
Last updated on 16.5.2007 10:25

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On 13.5.2007 13:55 wrote:
Really a thaumaturgist in disguise, Axel is a Geomancer to take advantage of the apparent breath-without-air perk of having Air Magic at 50. The perk works for Numenor, though I haven't tried it in the Void yet.

This character also has the distinction of being the first mage I've ever had who has actually managed to find the Gauntlets of Eol.

On 16.5.2007 10:25 wrote:
My first ultimate winner in standard ToME. I'd done it before in Theme, but it was a while ago, and I'd forgotten how unpleasant the Nether Realm really was. Axel had some fairly close calls, though not from Melkor, who fell to a combination of View Inertia (slow) and Area Sound (daze).

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