The Angband Ladder: Fearmant, High-Elf Ranger by dionysian

Posted on 25.4.2007 03:04
Last updated on 26.4.2007 02:27

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On 25.4.2007 03:04 dionysian wrote:
Starting a new ranger.

On 25.4.2007 04:15 wrote:
To answer your question in the forums:
- don't carry oil. It's wasted weight, and it's always in stock.
- enchant that bow to +9 to_dam ASAP
- You have plenty of gold. So where are your:
- Staffs of teleportation
- CCW potions? (You should have ~15 or so)
- Scrolls of Teleportation/Teleport Level (keep them at home.)

You will continue to die until you start carrying at least the staff and the potions. The scrolls are more important when you get deeper and need real panic escapes.

On 26.4.2007 02:27 dionysian wrote:
dead lol

On 26.4.2007 08:53 wrote:
I'd recommend diving a little faster. A cl 26 ranger with a good bow, FA and SI can easily be tooling around in stat gain. You will advance MUCH faster if you dive a little. That means much less frustration and fewer opportunities for mistakes.

cl = dl +6 means you advance extremely slowly. cl < dl is much, much easier, so long as you don't fight so much. Just try it out. And try playing Rogue, using a Sling. In a lot of ways is the most rewarding NPP class. (Rogue with Sling is comparable to Ranger with Bow, with better HP, detection, and evasion.)

On 26.4.2007 23:31 Daniel Fishman wrote:
Adult: All levels generated small : yes (adult_force_small_lev)

Auto-scum for good levels : yes (auto_scum)

Monsters exploit players weaknesses : yes (smart_cheat)

Any reason why these are on? All three make the game more dangerous (not sure about small levels, it does in ToME).

In particular, I would say, turn autoscum off and get into statgain, as others above me have said.

Also, stronghold quests in NPP are IMO too difficult for quite some time after you can get them.

On 25.6.2007 10:58 flight2q wrote:
You are carrying 39 pounds of arrows and it is making your speed -1

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