The Angband Ladder: Thorogrim, Dwarf Priest by <>

Posted on 1.4.2007 19:03
Last updated on 8.4.2007 19:55

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On 7.4.2007 22:34 wrote:
First character to get by lvl 25.. please leave some comments

On 8.4.2007 12:04 Paffa wrote:
Nice robe. Try to find a better ring, that Protection ring is rather useless.

Why are those 2 dungeon books in home inventory?

On 8.4.2007 19:57 Thorogrim wrote:
Reached lvl 30 and found a good shield.. What kind of ring should i look for? A ring that raises con. maybe? thanks for the tips so far..

On 8.4.2007 22:51 Paffa wrote:
Yea, a good (+3 or bigger) CON ring would be nice. Try to get a *ID* scroll so you can see what's the hidden resistance of that shield.

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