The Angband Ladder: Gareth, High-Elf Mage by <>

Posted on 4.1.2007 01:51

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On 4.1.2007 03:47 Matthias wrote:
-515. Wow. It means you were at 35 or less hp when he breathed on you :)

On 4.1.2007 20:15 wrote:
hm you didn't use any magic in fighting with enemies? btw -515 hp is really big achievement:)

On 5.1.2007 00:28 Matthias wrote:
Maybe self restricted melee mage :)

Nah actually this looks like the typical "hold down walk button to slash through a row of week monsters while not seeing the big one incoming" kind of death. I highly doubt a player getting this far would walk around with <= 35 hp for two turns (or more)

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