The Angband Ladder: Yeek of Power, Yeek Sorceror by <>

Posted on 5.12.2006 21:43

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On 5.12.2006 21:43 wrote:
Yeek Hermit Sorcerors rule! My first ultimate win. Killing Marylene and getting the awful curse was not good though. Also, I couldn't find an air item, so I did the Void with the Phial of Undeath until I killed Tikki.

On 26.12.2006 13:47 wrote:
Yeek rewl dude, but (especially on only 3986 kills) this char. looks too good @ b trew?? Yeek! Yeek!

On 27.12.2006 17:49 wrote:
Is that a low kill count? Must be because it doesn't include the many thousands of monsters destroyed by genocide.

Actually though, I'm currently playing a Hobbit LS Ranger who's at level 46 and only has 315 kills!

This character has also just gotten genocide (maxxed nature and one point in udun). Next challenge: find enough potions of corruption to gain access to demonology!

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