The Angband Ladder: IV, Steam-Mecha Engineer by <>

Posted on 21.11.2006 23:29
Last updated on 23.11.2006 19:15

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On 21.11.2006 23:29 wrote:
This is the sucessor to III. Trying a steam mecha this time. Construct pits are a lot easier with large radius rockets, but detection was easier with an automaton.

More solid skill plan going in, but I didn't stick to it very far.

Closest call was my first encounter with panzers. A couple panzers and a horde of steam drills came out of a construct pit and nearly killed me. I teleported out only to land right in front of the opened wall of the construct pit in front of way too many missile and shotgun sentries. Very luckily I got a free move on all but one of them and teleported somewhere safe without getting killed.

The question right now is how good is wwraithform? Lots of people seem to swear by it, but to get it I have to sacrifice a lot of HP, WP, and blows. The latter may not matter much since I intend to shotgun the final bosses, but the HP and WP loss worries me. Thoughts?

On 23.11.2006 19:15 wrote:
Decided to stick with the nautilus.

Dr. Moreau took a couple steps before being completely shredded by shotgun slugs. The most dangerous thing was getting up the stairs before a platoon of tanks followed him into the room.

Fu Manchu was a bit tougher. After he summoned totally harmless greater undead I engaged him in melee so he couldn't interpose new summons. Being an engineer and not a hussar or ninja he took time to kill and even hit me... once.

Now to try something a little less munchkinish.

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