The Angband Ladder: Bartholomew, Gnome Mage by <>

Posted on 17.9.2006 23:29

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9. on the Quickband Ladder (of 119)
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On 17.9.2006 23:29 wrote:
I just HAD to get greedy and want to collect Saruman's drops before retiring. Oh well, at least I am a dead winner.

Contrary to popular experience, I found playing my mage to be easier than my first winning character, a Dunaden warrior also on the ladder. Perhaps I just benefitted from the experience of learning how to play Quickband from the first character. Oh, and small levels is awesome!

On 18.9.2006 00:02 wrote:
With the good melee classes,you can get to cl 15 in a very few minutes--just sneakdown to 300' and kill a single pack of weak Hounds. And you can kill Saruman at cl 29-30 without too much difficulty. (Winning in < 200K turns is pretty easy, and < 100K is possible.)

On the other hand, your cl 37 Mage has fewer HP than any of my winners.

Really, try out Rogue or Brigand. Traps and guaranteed good archery makes a huge difference.

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