The Angband Ladder: Veish, Thunderlord Warrior by <>

Posted on 14.10.2002 07:00
Last updated on 25.10.2002 19:19

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On 14.10.2002 07:00 wrote:
This is my best TOME character so far. I just finished the Old Forest so the Orc Cave should be a breeze. Then I will go to the maze because I like to do as much as I can before I leave. He alsmost died a couple of times due to water hounds and a summon happy mimic and quylthulg in the same room. Probably the worst thing to happen to him so far was the loss of the Morning Star Bloodspike. Check out the comments in the dump denoted by //.

On 14.10.2002 18:22 wrote:
"Thanks DarkGod for making such dangerous traps."

No problem, my pleasure :)

On 15.10.2002 08:18 wrote:
The Orc Cave was a breeze like I said, but one mistake was some blue dragon worms got out of control on lvl22 so I left after taking the important stuff. When I looked at the artifact list I noticed I missed the Phial of Galadriel which I really wanted. I am now on lvl31 of the Maze. I have never been this deep so I don't know what to expect. I already fought 1 basilisk so they won't be any trouble. I could really use advice on how to do stat gain successfully and what I can throw away from my house. I have quite an armory right now.

On 15.10.2002 08:37 wrote:
One quick thing I forgot to mention. There is a wand of rockets of plenty in the BM going for 400k+. It must be pretty powerful to be that expensive. Should I buy it? Oh and my excess money is from forged ammo.

On 16.10.2002 09:04 wrote:
Completed the maze without any major troubles. I know I need to do stat gain now. What would be the best dungeon for that? I killed Uvatha in Bree, but my weapon's toast. The thing I really need help with is getting rid of the Black Breath. I have never been this far and have no idea what to do. Be sure to read all my comments.

On 17.10.2002 08:28 wrote:
I found the Star of Elendil so that solved my light problem and also got an amulet of ESP. Then, I ran into a mirrored quartet vault in MoMlvl34 where I knocked off Dreabor(sp)? the Imp and found Ringil which made me very happy! I had to leave half the vauly becuae Polyphemus was there and he was too strong. I also found Forgasil in the vault and killed my first 'D' and 'U'.

On 18.10.2002 05:37 wrote:
See comments withing dump.

On 22.10.2002 01:35 wrote:
I've had several close calls, but escaped with my life each time. Uniques are falling left and right except for one nazgul I met(Akhorahil the Blind). Didn't know he was a nazgul till I started fighting him.

On 23.10.2002 05:18 wrote:
My latest dungeon quest was 17 drolems on a level filled with lava streamers. Not fun.

On 25.10.2002 19:19 wrote:
This character just keeps on going.

On 26.10.2002 00:16 wrote:
Well, this character is now dead thanks to a hru quest on lvl61, and of course I forgot to do a character dump. He was my best character ever representing 1 1/2 weeks of work. He will be missed. Now I know a lot more than I did so I hope to make less mistakes next time.

On 30.10.2002 13:24 Neil Stevens wrote:
Yes, Hrus are nasty. Hrus are what put the tears in Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

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