The Angband Ladder: Arabel, Grey-Elf Mage by <>

Posted on 30.5.2006 06:17
Last updated on 31.5.2006 10:55

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15167. on the Ladder (of 18816)
369. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
48. for this player (out of 69)

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On 30.5.2006 06:17 wrote:
Testing out the new mage spells - good so far, especially Telekinesis.

On 30.5.2006 12:05 Bandobras wrote:
What about Magic Throw? I imagine the Un inscriptions marking thrown artifacts to activate upon hit would be nice here. The artifact daggers thrown with Magic Throw and activated with a critical activation upot hit (did you grab critical activations from 1.1.0, BTW?)...

On 30.5.2006 14:27 wrote:
I haven't done either the activate on hit or the critical activation from O1.1.0. Magic Throw will really become good with better throwing weapons, particularly using TK as well - throw, fetch, throw....

On 31.5.2006 10:55 wrote:
Was absolutely cruising, and didn't see the danger coming at all - instadeath from 62HP. Very annoying. Still, a chance to test out the screenshot capability.

On 31.5.2006 10:59 wrote:
...and all this would make more sense if I'd actually made the character dump at death. Killed by an Ogre Shaman, on 1 star, fleeing, which cursed at me.

Time for a different class and race, I think.

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