The Angband Ladder: Elieron, Dark-Elf Symbiant by <>

Posted on 18.5.2006 05:34
Last updated on 4.6.2006 22:05

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On 18.5.2006 05:34 wrote:
Wonder if this is a tad imbalanced. The gwop allows summon kin for only 8pts so I am still set with summoning, as for combat I think I am ready for anything. :)

On 18.5.2006 12:13 wrote:
Hihi, KiTA from IRC here.

Same general Idea I had, except I was going Loremaster instead of Symbiant, and not taking any magic skill (since it doesn't help your SP once you're in GWOP form). Nice to see the general theory works. :) Even without being able to use the major powers of your symbiant, you can still get the benefit of the 55% chance for him to take damage for you.

On 4.6.2006 22:05 wrote:
Now do I do the void in a GWOP corpse or a normal body?? :)

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