The Angband Ladder: Gloom, Dwarf Priest by <>

Posted on 10.4.2006 07:26

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On 10.4.2006 07:26 wrote:
After a bunch of deaths with diving priests I took it a bit slower with this character until she got decent stats and resists. I can't seem to dive as fast as I want with a priest compared to a warrior in vanilla - perhaps that's not so strange.

After staying a bit (for once) at statgain and also gaining poison resistance she dove immediately (almost) to speedring depth using teleport and stairs. After the first speedring everything went acceleratingly easier, although she never found any ring better than +9.

The final fight went rather easy with a Light Crossbow of the Haradrim and 2 stacks of Slay Evil Bolts, using Teleport Away and Banish Evil frequently.

Dropped the Quest Artifacts for the final dump, to show accurate permanent speed (+20) when not being slowed by weight.

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