The Angband Ladder: Yepekka, Kobold Rogue by <ferrat@kobold.rogue>

Posted on 18.2.2006 00:48
Last updated on 25.2.2006 00:13

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On 18.2.2006 00:48 ferrat@kobold.rogue wrote:
Found a ring of free action at 1350ft. I'm hoping to get some better equipment before the branded arrows run out.

On 19.2.2006 01:13 ferrat@kobold.rogue wrote:
Sold both my melee weapons and my spare rings to buy a robe of elvenkind from the armoury. With all the important resists covered I'm going to try and dive to stat-gain.

On 21.2.2006 01:03 ferrat@kobold.rogue wrote:
Found a glaive of Slay Troll on the dungeon floor, soon to be followed by a lochaber axe of *Slay Troll*. A rather appropriate weapon for that depth. I also picked up a helm of seeing, which freed up a ring slot.

On 23.2.2006 03:32 ferrat@kobold.rogue wrote:
Nearly died a few times to triple or quadruple moves. I've been really lucky with the !oCon though, and the improvements to kit have helped. I'm mostly using a defensive strategy, with the bow and phase door serving to clear pits and vaults.

On 25.2.2006 00:13 ferrat@kobold.rogue wrote:
I was at clevel 32 with over 500hp. The level had a greater vault which was half cleared, and I was preparing to attack it one last time. Something surprised me and I phase doored without thinking, right into a nearby zoo. Before I could move, I was hit by confusion, inertia, and four time breaths, and gas to finish me off. rofl. I reckon my ending speed was at -16 or -17, and there were plenty more nasties waiting to breath. Complete overkill.

That was a fun game though. Playing artifactless gives a real sense of danger with every dive, and tiptoeing around ancient dragons etc. had me biting my fingernails.

RIP Yepekka the Sharper.

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