The Angband Ladder: Galorzio, RohanKnight Demonologist by <>

Posted on 30.1.2006 20:42
Last updated on 30.1.2006 22:21

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12837. on the Ladder (of 18807)
2270. on the ToME Ladder (of 3141)
Third best for this player (out of 3)


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On 30.1.2006 20:42 wrote:
This is my first dump posting, and one of the better characters I've ever had. I've been playing Tome on and off for a few months (but definitely ON for the last week or so, nonstop.)

On 30.1.2006 22:21 wrote:
This was my best character ever! (I always name them Galorzio). Died because of a Trap of Drop Everything in Mirkwood...

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