The Angband Ladder: Vilkas, Dwarf Priest by <>

Posted on 30.1.2006 18:46
Last updated on 7.2.2006 18:24

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3338. on the Ladder (of 18816)
878. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
12. for this player (out of 22)


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On 30.1.2006 18:46 wrote:
Hope this does better than previous one. Haven't had much luck with items, except that RoS found from a Vault at level 22"

On 1.2.2006 15:31 wrote:
Finally beginning to find some decent loot

On 1.2.2006 15:51 wrote:
Nice looking kit. Try to find big CON ring to replace that ring of strength. You cal sell that helm of seeing and defender dagger.

On 3.2.2006 18:33 wrote:
Found BoS and =oResPoison, diving to
level 50

On 4.2.2006 22:37 wrote:
4 Vaults and here's the equipment. Looking awesome

On 6.2.2006 11:11 wrote:
You have RConf and RSound covered from Gondor, so consider wearing Celeborn. You'll gain RDisen, and nice activation. Also, carry Calris as a swap, to bash down wyrms, you can clone few great bile wyrms. :) +28 speed is enough to fight them.

On 7.2.2006 18:24 wrote:
Those 2 breaths were enough to kill me

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