The Angband Ladder: Siegfried, RohanKnight Swordmaster by <>

Posted on 31.12.2005 13:38

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On 31.12.2005 13:38 wrote:
A RohanKnight Swordmaster. A bit cheesy perhaps, but then I hadn't won with a warrior character before. To make things more interesting, I played a Classical RohanKnight, rather than a Zombie or a Vampire, kept my character atheistic, and didn't use (FF-gifted) Mindcraft for anything other than detection.

Wielded Doomcaller (with all its idiosyncracies) throughout Angband, even though I managed to get hold of the complete Gothmog set (with Lebohaum offsetting Doomcaller's massive AC penalty, I could afford to wield it). Since RohanKnights have horrible stealth anyway, I wasn't missing much with the aggravation. Before I got hold of Doomcaller I was using Eol's sword, which also aggravates.

I just about had a heart attack though when I went after Morgoth. I came down the stairs, and found myself right next to him, so I teleported away to get a better position ... right into a room full of Water Hounds. My HP went from 1300+ down to 250 in one turn. Luckily I was still alive, and could teleport out again.

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