The Angband Ladder: Astonyth, Dark-Elf Thaumaturgist by <>

Posted on 11.11.2005 00:53

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On 11.11.2005 00:53 wrote:
Tried getting through the nether realm and failed!

On 11.11.2005 02:22 wrote:
You're brave for trying with only +13 speed though! I wouldn't think of going down there with less than +25 or so.

On 11.11.2005 21:41 wrote:
+13 speed isn't really enough for the void. 2nd, why do you have tactics set to furious? coward would be better since I bet you don't melee. And The Phial of Undeath really shouldn't be used, The Morgothian curse is *very* bad.

On 12.11.2005 02:31 wrote:
The tactics and exportation can't be locked, so when you use macros you can easily screw up the settings w/o knowing it. When you get surrounded by monsters and use an area effect spell in thaumaturgy you can rack up a ton of -more- messages.

As for the phial, after about 200 dragons didn't produce a cloak of air and only one randart cloak, I decided to give it a go anyway.

I wanted something challenging since I killed Morgoth and only had to use 1 potion of restore mana for the entire battle. He got stuck in a vault and some druj kept summoning undead, by the time I had cleaned out everything with my area effect inertia spell and was about 2 steps away from Mogroth he only had 1 star left.

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