The Angband Ladder: Cuddle2, Kobold Rogue by <>

Posted on 29.10.2005 09:53
Last updated on 30.10.2005 02:03

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5537. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
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On 29.10.2005 09:53 wrote:
The n-th iteration of Cuddle, the adorable Kobold Rogue. Nothing much of interest has happened so far, sold a couple low-interest ego items to get escape items.

Level 12, depth 600', 94 uniques left

On 29.10.2005 19:04 wrote:
Cuddle has not been blessed with much in the way of good equipment or zappy wands of zappiness, but he has found plenty of escape items, so he is ready for some Xtreme fleeing. The wand of destruction has been critical for him so far, as has been ? of teleport level. The one escape item he hasn't been lucky with until just now is WoR. He's had to ration them, and once had his last scroll destroyed by a water hound just after descending to 1050'. Had to shlep the 21 levels up... sigh...

Level 20, depth 1100', 93 uniques left

On 30.10.2005 02:03 wrote:
The learning curve hurts sometimes. This time, I learn that z's can be quite dangerous, especially if one is running around without FA.

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