The Angband Ladder: Mendon, Elf Mage by <bas37@case.(resistspam)edu>

Posted on 24.8.2005 23:35
Last updated on 25.8.2005 06:29

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8710. on the Ladder (of 18813)
6. on the Quickband Ladder (of 119)
Second best for this player (out of 3)


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On 24.8.2005 23:35 bas37@case.(resistspam)edu wrote:
A pure mage in progress. I think he's almost ready for Saruman--I'll just try a few dlvl11 runs for better equipment. Any advice? (Oh, and that +10 speed is unhasted.)

On 25.8.2005 06:29 bas37@case.(resistspam)edu wrote:
(I hope this is how you update dumps...)

Anyway, here's proof a low-HP mage can win in 1.0.5. Saruman was relatively pathetic: I parked at the end of a corridor, Rifted him repeatedly until he spent all his mana healing himself--he didn't have much else to do as he made his way back into my LoS--then zapped 18 or so Drain Life shots at him as he charged toward me helplessly. He only damaged me once, and it was just a fire storm at that. Oh, what a difference speed makes...

Anyway, I'm glad I managed it in under a million turns, although I'm sure others can do a lot better. A final remark: that weapon of Gondolin was ridiculously useful.

Now maybe I'll do another Quickband char, or maybe switch to full NPPAngband. Now that I have my second winner in my roguelike life, I'm itching to take on Morgoth himself.


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