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Posted on 14.8.2005 18:00
Last updated on 23.12.2005 18:15

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On 14.8.2005 18:00 wrote:
Looking good, I've been scumming the Sandworm lair for stat potions and tomes, but I'm getting bored now so thinking of going on. But I'm not sure what to do with my saved skill points - that junkart of Heal 700 makes Magic Devide tempting, but I'm wondering if there's a better option...

On 14.8.2005 21:50 wrote:
I would rather wait for some gain in the symbiosis multiplier and put my SP's in there. As a sorceror you will always feel the need to get some "boost" on HPS. I never found MD useful on sorcerors. But thats just idiosyncratic.

On 14.8.2005 23:09 wrote:
I might see if I get Symbiosis. So far, FF hasn't been much help. I finished Mirkwood off to see how I went, only one FF (13 Night Mares) which nearly killed me, as I went down without !CCW, and I don't have rConf. Got confused, and barely made it back to the stairs (only about 3 moves needed, but that's hard while confused and being eaten my Night Mares (!) Then I bounced up & down stairs until I found a clear space, and rested. Phew.

Not sure if that's an omen - probably just a reminder to (a) get my resistances covered and (b) not go down stupidly under-equipped...

On 21.8.2005 18:44 wrote:
Finished Moria, now working my way through Mordor.

On 2.9.2005 22:11 wrote:
Whee! My first ever ToME character to reach level 50. And with equipment reorgs, I've managed to get a more plausible looking 526 HP. I no longer live in fear of baby blue dragons breathing :-)

On 4.9.2005 14:35 wrote:
Browsing Erebor for fountains/useful stuff. So far, nothing wonderful (although I've found Narsil, which is a first).

On 29.10.2005 15:13 wrote:
All the quests done, nothing much left other than Angband. I'm starting to see why 99 quests can be a late-game pain - FF for 14 archliches on the first level of Angband isn't fun. And there's pretty much nothing I really want from FF or the princess by now (OK, I wouldn't reject Feanor :-))

I've got 30 skill points left, which I'm thinking should probably go into Spirituality (for saving throw). I can't see anything else of much use to do with them. Is there anything I've missed?

On 29.10.2005 15:27 wrote:
Is berserk/running just for the dump? Coward will do wonders for your save and stealth.

Your speed looks low. Are you using Inertia Control?

You could pick up Eru as a god in Loth and wander around to raise piety. This would give you a mana bonus. Or you could grab Melkor as your god in the dungeon, and put a point in Udun for Drain and Genocide.

Remaining points in Spirituality or Stealth would be good.

On 29.10.2005 18:53 wrote:
Nope, B/R is because I use it for low levels, and never remember to change it :-( Switched to coward/running now.

Speed is OK, as long as I keep Essence of Speed up. I'd prefer higher(RoS +10 and +9 in my Minas Anor home) but I've never managed to free a slot. Swapping out Flare is an option, but ImFire is too nice to lose (and flying helps, too).

Gods... Eru, hmm. I can't be bothered worrying about killing good creatures, and that's a *lot* of piety to make a difference to my mana (which isn't bad ATM). And I don't like the idea of Melkor. I think I'll stay atheist.

I'll probably go for Spirituality. It takes my save from 25% to 50% before tactics mods, which can't be bad...

Thanks for the hints.

On 23.12.2005 18:15 wrote:
Aaargh. Died to a Sky drake summoned by a greater draconic Q in an Angband princess quest. I begin to see why people say that 98 quests is hard...

This was so nearly a winner, too.

On 24.12.2005 00:09 wrote:
That's too bad! Did you try using the Nature "Grow Trees" spell to block LOS and their summons?

On 24.12.2005 00:24 wrote:
No, I didn't. That may have worked, but it was one of those water-filled rooms, with a single corridor in. A greater Kraken came up to the doorway, and when I killed it, dropped treasure, which blocked Stone Prison. Would Grow Trees have done any better?

I probably should have done some tunnelling and made my own entrance.

The final problem was that I walked up with the Anchor on (to avoid being teleported into the room) but when the D's were summoned, that lost me a turn to get away. It went from bad to worse from that moment on...

I really hate those water-filled princess quest rooms, especially when they are filled with Qs. Almost impossible to get LOS without being seen by more than one of them.

On 24.12.2005 04:01 wrote:
Grow trees won't grow on treasure, stairs, walls, or void gates, but it grows on everything else. With 50Sorc and Power, it'll grow pretty far away too. It doesn't fill every sqare, but just dig out some trees it made, and grow trees again from the grass. You need a plain square to start on, but a Dig of a door can get you that in an emergency. I've filled up mount doom with trees, just remeber it's the square you are standing on that counts for valid terrain type: plain floor or grass.

Maybe with your next character, head to a safe place and play around with Grow Trees to get the feel of it first. With the Anchor, it really is the best answer to Qs.

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