The Angband Ladder: Xanthus XVIII, High-Elf Mage by <>

Posted on 16.5.2005 15:35
Last updated on 17.5.2005 04:07

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On 16.5.2005 15:35 wrote:
Well, I'm back on the saddle with another high-elf mage. I finally dumped this one because of what happened yesterday at 1650. I had seen 0 artifacts, and stat gain was going poorly, and I was cursing the RNG...

Bang. Greater vault on 1650. In addition to tons of !, you can see the list of arts (including my bow, which I forgot to inscribe for y'all).

I made heavy use of teleport other, because you'll notice I didn't even have Raal's yet. Ant Queen, Adunaphel, beholder hive mother, AMHD, Fundin, and more got kicked out of the vault. I sent out so many, by the time I finished the vault it was totally surrounded by hosts of killers.

Anyway, here's hoping things go well and I learned my lesson from my last Xanthus...

On 17.5.2005 04:07 wrote:
"Embarassment of riches."

Wow. My game went into warp speed in a greater vault at 1800'. Unless the inscription says otherwise, everything I have is from that vault. When I saw the 4d6 longsword in there, I freaked out. It took me a ton of teleport others to get in there--Saruman, Lernaean, Adunaphel, Akhorahil, Azriel, "lesser" obstacles--but man, when I picked up that sword, I could feel the RNG swear to end my charlife horribly. To which I say, who cares? I went from joke kit to a killing-machine.

Quick note: after the dump I found Kelek's, which I'd never seen before. The RNG will never let me win, but I'll go out in a blaze of glory, that's for sure.

On 17.5.2005 04:09 wrote:
Oops. In my universe, 4d6 is secret code for 4d5. But you get the idea.

On 17.5.2005 09:51 wrote:
Sell all melee weapons from home, you won't use them. I suggest another =oCON instad of =oSTR, or even =oINT.

Also, I suggest that you study macro's and inscriping, they help game playing.

- donalde -

On 17.5.2005 15:19 wrote:
All good thoughts. Thanks. Let me clear some of them up.

The melee weapons were only in my home to show off all that I found in that vault at 1800--they are already gone. The ring situation will solve itself when I start finding some of the better arts, and I think I need the strength for 4 blows with Ringil (I'll check to make sure and switch to con if not). And the only macro I bother using with casters is no-drop macros--I just haven't inscribed yet because I'm lazy.

Anyway, thanks for the input.

On 19.5.2005 16:21 wrote:
Well, no dump--I died and got frustrated. Too bad--I had Feanor to show off.

At 3650 I died of cockiness (of course). Had Thuringwethil and Khamul in the same room. Killed Khamul and all his greater undead summons, then killed Thuring and all but one of her greater undead summons. Then, with 350 hp, I charged the little shadow drake she had summoned. Except it was a Nightcrawler, and it breathed, and I was dead.

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