The Angband Ladder: Uglyfruit, Half-Troll Ranger by <>

Posted on 15.5.2005 10:05
Last updated on 22.5.2005 03:28

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On 15.5.2005 10:05 wrote:
Poor Uglyfruit - shunned by his fellows when he showed more interest in the sissy Elven art of archery than in the traditional Trollsh art of beating people into a dead red mash and then eating them. He seeks now to prove himself in the pits of Angband, this noble aim nothing more than the expression of an Adlerian inferiority complex and a Freudian rebellion against a repressive father figure who wishes to deprive him of his bow and arrows in an act of symbolic castration. Or something.

This guy started out frighteningly lucky. First Farmer Maggot dropped Hard Leather Armour of Resist Acid, then he found Adamantite Plate Mail at 100 feet, then a Squint-eyed Rogue in the town dropped a Dagger of Venom! Now he just found a Defender Flail, which, in providing him with FA and SI, will enable him to dive deeper.

On 15.5.2005 14:39 wrote:
Enchant your bow to +9, +9. Also, inscribe your arrows @f0=g (=g autopick). Check BM for better rings, like accuracy or CON

- donalde -

On 17.5.2005 09:30 wrote:
Thanks for the advice - I didn't know about that =g trick with the arrows. I've done the best I can with the bow, but Wizzle the Chaotic has been very slow about getting those Enchant Weapon scrolls I ordered.

On 22.5.2005 03:28 wrote:
I had the Eog Golem down to one star and thought "just one more round and it should die." Famous last words in the world of Angband.

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