The Angband Ladder: Lucky Grylnor, Golem Warrior by <>

Posted on 14.5.2005 05:04
Last updated on 20.5.2005 05:20

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On 14.5.2005 05:04 wrote:
A pretty straight forward golem warrior. I chose such a relatively simply class because I was having trouble getting another character up to speed. Recently found tinythorn so I have been training two-handed weapon combat a little.

On 20.5.2005 05:20 wrote:
Once again I fell for that pesky "just one more round" syndrome. I just didnt want to use up a healing potion....and I died for it ^_^

On 20.5.2005 18:30 wrote:
Don't worry - I'm sure the next lucky adventurer will appreciate picking up that healing potion from Grylnor's corpse and putting it to good use...

Tough break - I use to suffer from the same syndrome but not anymore - If in doubt about using an item that usually means use it....

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