The Angband Ladder: Dindau, Dwarf Swordmaster by <>

Posted on 14.8.2002 06:18
Last updated on 13.11.2002 04:18

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On 14.8.2002 06:18 wrote:
This is my first character in ToME and is stuck trying to got to lothlorien...I'm wandering around the woods and just cant find it, even with the help of the book you start with...
Anyway, I thank Bill, Bert, and Tom the Stone Trolls for helping me get from level 15 to 24 in 2 minutes.

(any help on gettign to lothlorien would be GREATLY appreciated)

On 14.8.2002 18:26 wrote:
This sounds like you didn't change into mapmode while searching lothlorien. You can use the "<" and ">" to change to/from mapmode. In mapmode you will see quick, if you know the middleearth map from Tolkien.

On 15.8.2002 00:14 wrote:
Oh, thanks! I didnt realize there was more than one mode...

On 16.8.2002 16:53 wrote:
I was wandering aroud the mountains near Bree when I stumbles upon a one space opening in the mountain side. I stepped through and found to my amazement a maze of rees with empty spaces in them. To satisfy my curiosity I tunneled through them and in the empty spaces were HIGH level monsters!
Mature Gold Dragons, Cyclopses. etc.

(They might not be high to you, but they were to me at my level)

On 16.8.2002 16:54 wrote:
4th line, 6th word is 'trees'

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