The Angband Ladder: Haolith, Human Mindcrafter by <>

Posted on 13.4.2005 12:03
Last updated on 20.6.2005 11:34

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On 13.4.2005 12:03 wrote:
This 46th level Mindcrafter is the best character I have ever had. I'm not sure what I should do next to get him prepared for Angband.

On 13.4.2005 17:17 wrote:
I would have allocated differently. What I can tell is that your Saving Throw is rather low to use Mindcraft on the save side. Nether resistance is mandatory for Angand. Watch out to get some ego/randart stuff to cover it.
Besides that, you just seem to be doing fine. Good luck!

On 13.4.2005 18:19 wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions. I do have a ring of Nether Resistance but hate to swap in for one of the other rings. Many years ago, I used to play Moria and Nethack, but just started playing TOME in January. After MANY deaths and characters not getting beyond around level 15, this character really took off. Id only played a few Mindcrafters and was not sure how best to allocate skill points. Should I pump the few remaining points in prayer? My ability to use wands and staffs is not very good. It takes many attempts to activate a staff of genocide. Inexperience also led me to Mathom the Deamonblade of Gothmog.

On 16.4.2005 15:09 HektorLorenzo wrote:
Hello, Silvar

Nether Resistance can be obtained from several sources. *identify* your ego items to find out. I don't want to spoil here too much.
Some Magic-Devices are hard to activate, no skillspoints will help. Just deal with it.
There are weapons just as fine as Gothmogs Blade so don't worry too much.

Where to put your remaing skill-points depends how you want to play your character. Rather mellee or more casting.
If you are going to cast Mindcraft offensive very often your saving throw is too low. You certainly don' want to be stunned by failing to cast and then getting paralyzed at the lower levels of angband. If you use mindcraft only for subsidary skills as teleporting detection your are fine wilth your skill allocation I would say.
IF you want to use your manwe Air spells you might want to pump some in Prayer. MaiaForm is rumored to be very suitable for melee characters, but I never played it that way, so I cannot tell.

There is the possibilty to save your skill-points and to allocate them if you feel you need them to proceed, survive.

On 19.6.2005 00:34 wrote:
Whooo! Can Haotlith do this???

On 20.6.2005 11:34 wrote:
5:00 a.m. and Haolith gated into a room of gravity hounds. Too bad. My previous best character was around level 30.

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