The Angband Ladder: Ewan IV, British Engineer by <>

Posted on 11.4.2005 05:19

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On 11.4.2005 05:19 wrote:
My first Steam character - as close to my real-life self as i could get! Early on I lost three clones to poison before level 5, but after getting some poison resistance, the game got a *lot* easier.

The *Regen* amulet is ridiculously useful - allowed me to basically fire attack devices non-stop, as well as wearing cursed equipment, and never go below max hp/mana.

And then Dracula's cloak... as far as I can tell, makes you totally invulnerable. Between those, late game is totally trivial. I suspect that overall difficulty is OK, but the balance between early- and late-game is way off.

On 11.4.2005 05:29 wrote:
Neither Moreau nor Fu ever got an attack. Silly. I never fired that shotgun - was amused to see that I had Legendary shooting skill without a single skill point into shooting!

Ran out of skill points, of course. And the odd inventory is just the detritus from clearing out the GV that Fu was hanging out in.

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