The Angband Ladder: Sean, Human Alchemist by <>

Posted on 7.2.2005 16:37

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On 7.2.2005 19:08 wrote:
Wow. That must have taken a loooooooong time to put together. I don't think I've ever seen an item that gives you the power to shoot a rocket. Nifty.

On 8.2.2005 05:24 wrote:
Yuck, how much time did it take and how many rings of extra attacks did you have to use to get all that stuff??? Good job! now move on to 2.3.x :P

On 8.2.2005 17:11 wrote:
The shovel was pretty easy to build, a little at a time, but letting it fire a rocket was pointless, since it did so little damage I never used it.

Making the +230 extra attacks took quite a while. I think each took about a week while I gathered up essences of time. (One ring = one attack, so I guess I used 484 rings of extra attacks.) The rest of the stuff didn't take too long, though I did make heavy use of the dwarven town's house to store things like troll corpses for some of these items.

The +230 to stealth was nice (I never have a character that can sneak, so it was nice for all the summoning monsters to stay asleep for once).

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