The Angband Ladder: Qick, Dwarf Warrior by <nick@my.address>

Posted on 12.1.2005 14:07

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On 12.1.2005 14:07 nick@my.address wrote:
Dived fast and hard - found Ringil early, first poison resist item at dlev71, still clev49 when I reached dlev 98. The downside was 1 !Life and no !*Heal, so spent a while scumming 98 and 99 for them, and cleaned up all the uniques in the process. Hardly needed any potions anyway, as it happened - combination of Ringil and seeker bolts of Holy might...

On 13.1.2005 06:55 wrote:
Those are some bolts!! Seeker bolts of holy might +23 +25. I bet that it didn't take long pelting him with those.

On 14.1.2005 14:45 wrote:
Yeah, they did some serious damage to him. It was a decent crossbow, too.

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