The Angband Ladder: Erelen, Gnome Mage by <>

Posted on 5.12.2004 04:22
Last updated on 18.12.2004 00:12

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69. on the NPPAngband Ladder (of 438)
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On 5.12.2004 04:22 wrote:
This can not be good...

On 5.12.2004 07:20 wrote:
Lol - no finding Ringil is a curse! ;)

I haven't seen it in NPP yet myself. I do recall a heartbreaker though. After finding the 4d5 sword (in Vanilla I think) the charactertried to finish the level. Entered a room right into an unresisted poison- breath. Ouch.


On 13.12.2004 11:50 wrote:
Seeing this update, I personally would choose another setup.

Why not use a Speed ring instead of the INT one?

Same with Elessar instead of Carlammas? You get better at melee, some speed and it's a renewable source of healing.

INT 18/200 gives min 0% spell failure and max Mana. CON 18/200 gives max HP. The only thing you lose is a 3% failure rate on Mana Storm and some other non-important spells.

Pity you lose Elec resistance, otherwise a switch of Colannon instead of Colluin would have been good, since it's resistances are covered otherwise (the activated ability as well by your spell). This would have gotten you some more speed and the last resist you're lacking - ah well.

Hope you don't mind me nosing into your dump - if so, say it!

Good luck with this one - seems like a winner to me!


On 16.12.2004 00:35 wrote:
Thanks for your advice. RElec is always a problem for me in the deeper levels.

On 16.12.2004 07:54 wrote:
Sticking my nose into your dump again =). As said - say back off and I won't bother you with unwanted advice! :

My preference with this eq would be :
CON <-> Nenya
Ingwe <-> Elessar
Palantir <-> Amon Sul
Caspanion <-> Soulkeeper
Colannon <-> Colluin (for res Elec)
Gil-Galad <-> Thorin
Numenor <-> Celebrimbor

If I'm not incorrect this gives max HP, max mana/fail rate. 3 immunities. All resists. 2 artifact healing activations. No aggravation. +40 speed unhasted.

On 16.12.2004 07:58 wrote:
Forgot : All abilities as well

And good luck - this is an awesome character!

On 18.12.2004 03:19 wrote:

Ringil didn't prove to be a curse after all!

On 18.12.2004 03:33 wrote:
Thanks. I had a couple of close calls with Greater Balrogs.

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