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Posted on 5.12.2004 01:14
Last updated on 5.12.2004 23:44

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On 5.12.2004 01:14 wrote:
coming along nicely. I've been doing the 'difficult' quests at every chance, and succeeded in every one. azathoth, master of darkness and omarax the eye tyrant nearly killed me on their quests. I need a source of healing from an item, rather than just potions. I've taken to getting healing potions from the black market, although phase door + loads of ccw works okay too. this character is mostly melee. his rock throwing ability is powerful, but against strong uniques he misses too much. eonwe and fingolfin have been the only good quest rewards. I'm hoping for some killer speed items soon. eonwe, of course, is great. currently around 3150' and will probably mop up some monsters there before going to the next quest. need to stock up some healing, but I'd really like the dive ASAP to 4000' for speed items. btw, the randart ring has IM_FIRE, among other things.

On 5.12.2004 12:16 wrote:
current quest: 26 greater demonic Q's at 3700'. blah... that will take forever. a greater hell wyrm just dropped a shadow DSM, which gave me r_pois and r_neth in the same convenient slot. allowed me to put on a RoS +8. this character is now L50 and looking strong enough to win.

On 5.12.2004 23:44 wrote:
kronos, lord of titans was a quest at 3800' and I killed him, only quaffing one *healing* and two healing. easy. as I am a giant, he was the king of my race. I received perm hero/bless and the rock of kronos (artifact boulder). the Rock is truly awesome. 25d25 and slays everything, or *slays*, and is branded with everything. I've only used it a few times. it took 1/3 the health from mouth of sauron, a star and a half from ungoliant (that's a lot..), and almost one-shot killed a great swamp wyrm. I'm pretty sure it will one shot kill some wyrms. heh.

current quest is for something like 30 great balance wyrms at 3900'. I'm thinking about just intentionally failing it and diving straight to 4800' to kill some uniques, then go kill sauron. these quests are getting too risky with lots of big breather/summoners, for really crappy rewards. basically eonwe, at 2050' or so, has been my only good quest reward. fingolfin would have come in time with or without the quest.

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