The Angband Ladder: Jeribwyn, RohanKnight Swordmaster by <>

Posted on 23.10.2004 20:57

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On 23.10.2004 20:57 wrote:
Newbie here, starting up my first character in a long, long time. 98 quests which I'm sure I'll wish I didn't do one of these times, never get far enough for them to get really nasty. ;) Got that nice sword that I get 5 blows per round with from a princess quest for Bullroarer the Hobbit, and the double chain mail from Wormtongue, who was another quest monster. Not the reward though, he just dropped it. Took Calrvoyance from a Fumble Fingers since... well, nothing was particularly useful looking. Not sure where to head to next, though. Gotta get a digging tool before anything else though, running into rubble all the time is getting annoying. ;)

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