The Angband Ladder: Aciragan, Gnome Sorceror by <>

Posted on 3.10.2004 02:55

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On 3.10.2004 02:55 wrote:
Headed into the Void...

On 3.10.2004 08:02 wrote:
Good luck.

That shield is probably the single best piece of armor I've ever seen in ToME.

On 3.10.2004 18:17 wrote:
The best thing about the shield is that it lets me wear the +40% armor.
I've already been through the Void twice now- I had forgotten what happens when you take the stairs up from 666 and into the Nether Realm.

On 3.10.2004 20:45 wrote:
how are you wielding two mage staves? How did you get equipment letter "b"?

On 3.10.2004 21:11 wrote:
Arms mimicry. Note that I also have two swords and two gloves.

On 4.10.2004 15:20 wrote:
I killed Tiki and was on my way back up when I hit a shard bolt trap. ~1100 damage= instant death. There was an item on the trap which is why I didn't see it.

Oh well, I still have two sorceror winners ready to go into the Void.

On 5.10.2004 04:01 wrote:
Ah, hell. That's a shame. You were looking good, too. Well, nice job anyway.

The first time I sent a character into the Void, he not only made it all the way down, but because he ran into the mage staff bug he ended up having to kill Tiki 3 times, and then because of another bug, had to kill Melkor 4 times. Not only did Hamfist do it, he didn't break a sweat doing it. At the time, I thought, man, this Void/Nether Realms thing is tough, but not nearly as bad as people said.

Since then, I've gone 0 for 3 on Void diving, only even getting to Melkor once. Its VERY tough place.

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