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Posted on 21.9.2004 23:56
Last updated on 8.11.2004 18:39

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On 24.9.2004 22:49 wrote:
I noticed that the only winning Warpers on the ladder used Thaumaturgy for their offense. While there have been Warpers who have used Mana, Fire, and Water for offense, none have won, with Bjorn getting extra credit for originality.

The plan is to make a warper who really only uses warper spells. Of course, there are only 2 offensive warper spells (teleport away and banishment) and neither actually does damage, so the offense had to come from somewhere else, plus I love the ammo create skill. The obvious answer was to make a hobbit who pumps up sling mastery for offense, but by level 50 really plays more like a rogue. By that point, she'll be using stealth and banishment to avoid or deal with any opponents she doesn't absolutely need to kill (like quest monsters).

On 21.10.2004 17:49 wrote:
Still going strong.

His/her story is chronicled over at

On 25.10.2004 06:05 wrote:
Woh. When I first saw your character plan on the wiki I'd never have thought you'd pull such odd combination off. But you have, and well at that! :-O :-)

On 28.10.2004 23:44 wrote:
Diving in Angband.

On 2.11.2004 21:53 wrote:
Oh, thanks.

Its actually not as difficult a build as you'd guess. The firepower isn't what you'd expect from a wood-elf archer, but its still plenty sufficient to kill things, and the utility spells are awesome. With Essence of Speed at Manwe's Blessing, Zippy's typically at +60 or higher speed in battles, with at least a +110 to hit, and that's plenty good enough for now. The Void will be a struggle, but hopefully Banishment will take care of everything but Tiki and Melkor. The biggest problem has actually been low mana reserves, but frequent rest breaks have taken care of that. Spell failure has been a bit of an issue, but she uses scrolls and potions rather than spells when in critical situations. Plus, she just killed Morgoth, and his crown should help quite a bit.

On 4.11.2004 04:25 wrote:
Zippy is now diving in the Nether Realms, heading for Tiki. I feel good about Zippy's ability to handle Tiki, but Melkor... I just don't know. Doing the math, it really feels like Zippy is going elephant hunting with a bb gun.

Even with the new randart sling, she only does 300-600 damage per hit depending on ammo type, and the big guy has 80k hit points. She needs to *hit* him roughly 200 times to kill him, which means she'll be spending a lot of time finding ways to distract him so she can re-collect ammo.

On 4.11.2004 15:08 wrote:
Diving in the Nether Realms.

On 5.11.2004 10:38 wrote:
Well, the other thing you could possibly do is carry a lot of scrolls of *Destruction* and then read them off to create rubble, and from that create your ammo on the spot. Granted, it's not nearly as attractive as lugging around 99 Elf Corpses, but it's better than nothing.

On 5.11.2004 18:36 wrote:
Do those scrolls actually create rubble? Thaumaturgy destruction spells certainly don't.

On the bright side, ammo hasn't been an issue so far. The Void has a little rubble and the Nether Realms actually have a fair amount. Considering that going down and coming up means traversing 80+ levels (and setting foot on quite a few more with stairscumming), Zippy has had MANY opportunities to create ammo and has improved her supply a bit.

I'm hoping the the level with Melkor has lots of rubble. We'll see. Anyway, Tiki is dead and Zippy has just broken the seal and entered Melkor's level. I still haven't decided on the best way to fight Melkor. Time to write up another chapter in Zippy's story while I continue to think it over.

On 5.11.2004 22:01 wrote:
Look out Melkor. You doom has arrived in the form of a short, rotting chick with a sling.

On 6.11.2004 02:24 wrote:
Zippy hasn't actually killed Melkor, but has him down to 4 stars. I'm surprised and enthused; she seems to actually be pulling it off.

On 8.11.2004 15:47 wrote:

On 8.11.2004 15:50 wrote:
Check out that EXP drain. Max exp 18.1M, current exp 10.5M. I don't think I've ever had a character get drained 7M+ exp before.

On 8.11.2004 17:14 wrote:

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