The Angband Ladder: Vespa, Dwarf Druid by <>

Posted on 24.8.2004 06:00
Last updated on 18.3.2007 01:24

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6049. on the Ladder (of 18816)
1115. on the ToME Ladder (of 3142)
4. for this player (out of 8)


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On 24.8.2004 06:00 wrote:
Normally I wouldn't put a character on the Ladder this early, but there are so few Druids on the Ladder, I figured I had to do my part. The general wrongness of this combination just appealed to me somehow... So far I've gotten this girl through the Downs and two relic quests. And to give you an idea of what she's been up against, the first level of the second relic quests was the very same level for which I'd previously received a death fate.

On 6.11.2004 22:41 wrote:
Done the Orc Cave and the third relic quest. Got a much better handle on my piety now that I've figured out how to boost it relatively easily. Planning to do the Old Forest next, for piety and in the hopes of finding a dungeon town or several...

On 2.12.2004 03:01 wrote:
Done Mirkwood and the last two relic quests. First time I've ever maxed Prayer. Now that I've got all this piety to work with, I should start breaking out some of my Yavanna spellbooks...

On 9.6.2006 04:09 wrote:
Oops, forgot to post this update. Left this poor girl languishing too long in Moria, but Moria is now done. Some decent kit improvements, but she still feels a bit weak; I could really stand to boost her STR and CON some more.

On 10.6.2006 22:15 wrote:
Nice charc. What is this easy method of gaining piety if I may ask? :)

How's your luck btw? That's a measly weapon for your lvl.

On 12.6.2006 06:40 wrote:
For Yavanna, the easy way to gain piety is to push Mindcraft to 30, then go to the Old Forest and use Mindcraft's Domination power to charm everything in sight. Even in later dungeons, hounds and wolves and the like generally crop up often enough to keep your piety up.

As for actual in-game numerical luck, I don't know; I don't think I've run into a Potion of Self-Knowledge with this character. And I do have beefier weapons stashed in some of my houses, including Anduril; Lasher simply does more damage. I think that will change once I get my STR high enough to get some more blows per round with the heavier artillery.

On 15.12.2006 04:36 wrote:
Midpoint of Land of Mountains. I think I've got a bit better handle on her, what with a few CON boosts and remembering to actually use her Mindcraft powers and Nature spells more often. Instant stat and exp restore on command is amazingly useful. Oh, and finding Cubragol didn't hurt, either... ;)

On 18.3.2007 01:24 wrote:
Finished Land of Mountains. More CON from Trone's coat is good, but the loss of DEX from Thalkettoth apparently cost me a blow from Lasher. How sad is it that that's still my best-damage weapon? Mordor's probably next, or I might skip ahead to Dol Guldur.

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