The Angband Ladder: Braler, Hobbit Possessor by <>

Posted on 11.8.2004 19:04
Last updated on 12.8.2004 16:35

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On 11.8.2004 19:04 wrote:
Want to try a dragon-possessing (well, non-weapon using possessing) char... so far so good. Mature gold dragon body is giving me pretty low hps but the confuse attack and the sound breath are useful enough, and the melee is going ok with my rings of slaying. The most annoying things without doubt are having to bash doors down instead of opening, which is hard with my low strength, and inability to tunnel. Currently looking for Azog for his wand. No towns in the orc caves at all :(

On 12.8.2004 13:29 wrote:
Orc caves completed without even. Got azog's wand. Decided to try the gondolin house quest hoping for a D corpse, which was an almost fatal mistake. Some unresisted breaths almost killed me at the start, had to use a potion of healing. Got through ok, but there were no Ds in the quest.

Normally I skip the Old Forest, but since this char is quite weak, I know mirkwood is going to be tough. Ran through old forest without much incident. One town only; it has a rare jewelry store from which I bought the telepathy amulet. Also a ring of extra attacks but that is, I think, pointless until I manage to get barehanded from FF. Got a couple of useful rod tips (trap detection and illumination), but I'd really like disarming. Old Man Willow dropped a stupid randart armour: immElec but black breath!

On 12.8.2004 16:35 wrote:
Damn. Was going well; another tulkas quest, monsters fairly hard to melee since they were levelled to 38 but it was nice piety. Found the phial in the lost temple too. Mirkwood quests were proving easy, and had got my barehanded mod to 0.4. And then, a roper casted fireball 2 rounds in a row: next round I tried to walk out of LoS but it cast lightning ball. Ow.

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