The Angband Ladder: Asalind, Half-Ogre Mage by <>

Posted on 15.7.2004 18:47
Last updated on 28.7.2004 09:38

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On 15.7.2004 18:47 wrote:
Well, this is an attempt at a fighting mage. Funnily enough it's also one of my best ToME chars to date. My melee power is currently quite nice with Narthanc for the monsters I'm fighting, and with the drain life which it just picked up, I can melee ancient dragons and come out full hps!

The tester will be whether I can actually *hit* anything once I get to late-game. But I doubt I'll get that far anyway (if I do, I'm planning to use Divine Aim a lot and I'll have to look out for some +to hit items).

So far my main offensive spell has been noxious cloud, although I use manathrust occasionally. With the recent improvements in my attacking power (getting up to 5 attacks, getting that ring of damage) I can melee just about anything that mordor is throwing at me anyhow; at the start of the game I was much more reliant on my spells.

On 26.7.2004 12:18 wrote:
Well did a few levels of mordor until I got a FF quest for rotting qulythugs in an arena level, which is not much fun. Decided to explore the land of rhun as a diversion until I feel like doing that quest, and the first level had a GCV... contained several artifacts and two ringwraiths, managed to lose a couple of plusses from Narthanc and get black breath. Haradekket would do more damage than narthanc, but narthanc is more fun. Two quite boring power rings, some nice resistances but nothing to compare with speed or damage for now. Would love to swap in paurnimmen for the con boost and spell storage but for now cambeleg is my only source of free action (!). Am regretting dumping my *slay troll* boomerang, regeneration is nice (another reason to switch to paurnimmen).

On 28.7.2004 09:38 wrote:
Oh well. It was going really well, too :) I think this char might have been winnable, but what do I know? (no winners at all personally) I wasn't finding anything much of a challenge in erebor. Death drakes and dracolisks were the toughest, but no real problems there; the vampirisim on narthanc was amazingly useful. Died just by being a little careless fighting a huge crew of demons that kept summoning more, let my hps go a little low and a stupid bile demon breathed on me.

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