The Angband Ladder: Geiger, Dwarf Priest by <>

Posted on 6.7.2004 19:04
Last updated on 19.7.2004 15:52

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586. on the Angband Ladder (of 6394)
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On 6.7.2004 19:04 wrote:
I've returned back to angband after initially
messing around with it seven years ago. This is my fourth character that I got past level 25, and the only one that survived to stat gain levels.

Going to get my stats up for a while before diving further.

On 7.7.2004 18:53 wrote:
Just wondering: do the resists from Arvedui and others work when they're not fully ID'd?
If not, you really need to get your hands on some *Id* scrolls.

On 7.7.2004 21:39 wrote:
Stat gaining nicely, and bought a o=PR. I am going to drop down a little further, though probably hold off real diving until I get my CON up.

On 7.7.2004 21:45 wrote:
I believe they do, I've not taken much real damage from elemental attacks before I *ID* Arvedi (though I had not gone very deep at the time). I've since gotten further along in my id's.

On 10.7.2004 02:18 wrote:
Finally found books 6 and 7, my con is also filled out. Going to begin next big dive.

On 19.7.2004 15:52 wrote:
Finished the game off last week during vacation. First no-cheat win.

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