The Angband Ladder: Sevaudus, RohanKnight Alchemist by <>

Posted on 6.7.2004 08:02

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On 6.7.2004 08:02 wrote:
First win ever(!) Decidedly less tricksy with a souped up alchemistic weapon (I'm not sure, but I think I -may- be taking advantage of a bug to do it...)
*Had to kill Dwar thrice before he stayed dead. Where's he getting those spare rings from?
*It's not easy to scum for Sauron (p) or Morgoth (P) when you don't know what they look like.
* Playing a follower of Eru Iluvitar is nice for the identify power (esp. Learn the Music at 'identify everything on the level' power), but stinks when you have to fight good creatures, especially the angels right near the end.
* Rings of speed found: 15 (mostly on level 64 of Mordor)
* Could not find the Prisoner of Dol Guldur -- I got the special level message once, but I suspect he/she/it might've gotten killed when I accidentally triggered an earthquake.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

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