The Angband Ladder: Mighty KD 1010, Android Berserker by <>

Posted on 19.6.2004 16:37
Last updated on 24.6.2004 13:40

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On 19.6.2004 16:37 wrote:
Hi all!

This is my oldest bercerker.
All my characters meets death (stuped of course :)) soon after they reach 30 clevel, so I would highly appreciate any advices.

On 20.6.2004 17:36 Atriel wrote:
Make a macro to use the Detection ability... or get ESP.... a weapon of *Slay* evil will mostly do it.. How do u deal with heavy summoner uniques with arena on? The zerker has already hi tunnel ability to make the terrain be to his favour... hmm guess u use earthquake a lot %)

On 24.6.2004 13:40 wrote:
I knew that it would happen.

Trap summoned too much uniques, angels & demons while I was hunting Maulotaur. I almost killed them all, but almost is not anouth. :(

On 24.6.2004 13:58 wrote:
2Atriel: Thanks for advise.
But I don't know how to make & use macroses :(

Earthquake & massacre is cooool. If I use massacre from the beginning, I shurely would kill all the guys the @%*^%%$ trap summoned.

Also, especially for uniqes, there is rocket launcher. :))

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