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Posted on 19.6.2004 03:10
Last updated on 22.7.2004 12:17

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On 22.7.2004 12:17 wrote:
My first winner!!!

On 22.7.2004 15:40 wrote:
Nice! How are you able to use so many weapons/shields? Is that due to the Watcher in the Water body?

On 29.7.2004 14:42 wrote:
Yes, the wathcer has 3 weapons, 3 shields and 6 ring slots. A similar body is a Maralith, but it doesn't have as many ring slots, or as many hitpoints (not that the watcher has a lot).

On 5.12.2004 19:04 wrote:
Wow... I really think that this character is good... ;)
Maybe I'll try the possessor class...

On 7.1.2005 08:38 wrote:
It was enjoyable. If you are looking for a win (Morgoth, not Melkor) then the Watcher body is good, and fairly easy.

On 7.1.2005 08:57 wrote:
OK, I think I better comment the win (nearly 6 months late!!). I did a post onto my local news server, but I don't think it went anywhere.

Here is the abridged version:
Started as a human, progressed to a Novice mage (for the confusion bolt). There was also Orfax, Dark Elven Mage, Dark Elven Lord and a Dark Elven Druid, but can't remember the order. Then went to the Minotaur of the Labyrinth for a HP boost. Then a Green Thunderlord, and another small
HP boost, and boy, did I need it. Nearly died to the Watcher when it breathed on me offscreen (I think I was left with around 30hp, and I didn't have poison resistance), but quickly drunk a potion of Healing,
Resistance, and then more Healing before taking it out and possessing its corpse. This was the first time it left a corpse for me as well.

At one point in time I was thinking of building up symbiosis, but this was prior to the Watcher body. Afterwards I ended up using the symbiosis
charm ability to charm never moving pets and carry the symbiotes in my pack. At certain times I would release these. I specifically used Skull Drujs for most of the game, and then later also got a Master Q. Various
pet Nightwalkers and summoning Wyrms became my companions as well. Most of the damage I received through out the game came from my companions.

Used the Great Rod Tip of Home Siummoning to extend my pack by 24 places. Kept things I would like but didn't need in the Lothlorien home, and just got them when I needed them, like the weapons of Westernesse for the Ringwraiths.

Hitting monsters proved troublesome deep in Angband, and the weapons I ended up choosing, Sting, Vorpal Blade, Mormegil, have high to-hits to
overcome the failure in hitting I was experiencing. I toyed with using Ringil instead of Mormegil, but in the end couldn't give up the extra attacks that Mormegil gives. I didn't need the speed anyway.

Morgoth was easy. I took him on with 3 GWoP companions. They took the first 2 stars off him before I could (or wanted to) get next to him. For some reason I was worried about his damage he could give to me so I went into battle with 8 poitions of Healing, 6 *Healing*, a junkart of Healing, an adamantite rod of the istari of Healing, a silver rod of the
istari of healing, Nenya & Narya (both activate for Healing). I also had a wand of Demon Blade leveled to give me Hellfire damage, but not with the 1 square radius (don't want to annoy my pets) and Mormegil my uber damage weapon. He lasted 6 rounds with me. :) I forgot to use Demon Blade, forgot to swap in Mormegil, and didn't use a single healing
spell, potion or rod. And after it was over I was at full health :). But I did have a randart that caused Earthquakes, and drain life from foes, found on level 96 of Angband, kept specifically for this fight.

Prior to Morgoth getting to me I dropped and released a Master Q, and a Skull Druj, but neither did anything useful. And soon as I was hitting stuff there was bits of wall flying everywhere, so they couldn't see much anyway.

Couple of things to note (which I've already submitted elsewhere):
I got a Lesser Balrog corpse in the PotD. Now in the Mathom House.

I got recurring Nightwalker companions at the top of Mount Doom. This is a bug so I diligently removed them each time I went there. Unfortunately
I also lost a Greater Balrog companion when I accidently removed all my companions one time.

I got two Blood of Life potions. The first at the top of Mount Doom which I drunk, the second in Angband on level 95 which is now in my home at
Minas Arnor. I believe this is probably related to the Nightwalker bug.

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