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Posted on 13.6.2004 10:49
Last updated on 14.7.2004 21:59

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On 13.6.2004 10:49 wrote:
Well, what can I say. Arathir doing pretty well! Hoping to get some more nice ff.
Had some close calls in Nirnaeth, elsewhere it was an easy pace.

On 6.7.2004 21:21 wrote:
Well, this is like the 20th attempt with a Dunadan Swordmaster, my previously posted Arathir died to a Trap Of Silent Switching, which forced me to wield a AFC weapon, I had no athelas or Elessar and my symbiant turned against me, thus killing me.
Both Sauron and Morgoth were a piece of cake. I just melleed them to mash. Sauron with my **anc Dagger even disenchanted which I didnt notice. Even simpler was Morgoth, he summoned a LBR only before getting beaten to pulp.

With this attempt the RNG was nice to me with this char. I got Symbiosis up to 10 only with FF quests. Got the Artifact Potions of Learning and Blood Of Life already.
I am gonna make it to the nether realm but still lacking immunities. A nice Shield with Acid and Cold Immunity would be ncie.
Well lets see..
Any suggestion for my remaining Skilpoints?
Getting Magic Device up for more reliability with rods.
Or rather prayer for Stone Wall?
Or Spirituality for saving-throw?
Regardless of that Symiosis has to be up to 15 to get my nice GDQ safe thru the realm.

On 8.7.2004 18:52 wrote:
Allright, still farming Wyrms in Erebor to find some decent immunity equipment. Its fun to level my sentients swords :)

On 12.7.2004 20:31 wrote:
Well, Tiki is dead. No troubles in the void till now. Some creatures invoked the Hand of the Doom. But my *Healing* Potions did save me. I have been just diving as quick as possible. Now with the Longsword of eternity things are getting annoying. I cannot use my mindcraft powers without switching my weapons. My Dwarven Lantern of the Magi would help, if I only had it in my proper home :/. Well let's see..

On 14.7.2004 21:59 wrote:
Well, finally Melkor has met his fate. Arathir son of Arganon, Heir of Elendil, fulfilled his last duty.

The following may be spoily but only to a less degree, and only to those who know, I would say.

This character was designed to go with wall-creation by pumping up prayer.
I skipped this possibilty as I found out Morphic Oils of Spider do pretty much the same, even better. So next time I would go with Manwe for this reason. And Divine Aim didnt meet my expectations, though I used it constantly. As I headed to thru the Void frantically searching for stairs downwards, I found out:

The Good Things:

1.) Using to teleport to head to more comfortable places really works fine, to get out of trouble, 99% of the time. Using Q and Mindcraft for that purpose.
2.) Tikki could be meleed rather easily using as I pushed my speed up to 88, It took only a couple of rounds.
3.) Hunting for eq in the Void is not recommended. Fro that reoson I couldnt fill my Slots with Oils, and Staffs of Genocied as planned.
4.) I found out the powers of summoning by dragging Fundin Bluecloak with me, If I happened to met him.
A bunch of level 150 GWOP summoned by him made sure that most of the heat was deflected, if not quenched at all.

The Bad Things:

1.) In the Nether realms I caught some Hands of Doom, but *PoH* saved my ass. Easily.

2.) Bad, Baaad!: Somehow I managed to run out of mana and my Randarts and Staffs of Genocide were used up quickly. I had to teleport in a row (Mindcraft teleport), still all those 'U's after me, scattered around the vault. One more teleport without mana paralized me. Quick death. Bleh. Luckily, I even forgot about it, the Blood of Life saved my poor ass, a nice surprise. :)))

After that I took a note for the next time:
either or and
-> go for either more Morphic Oils (recommended!) or more Staffs of Genocide
-> get some plain teleportscrolls, not to scatter summoners all over the vault.
-> Or, at least pausing some more rounds to recharge mana and randarts.

Since Tikki was a rush, apart from that episode, quickly I jumped for Melkor.

I burned his door and jumped in. Genocided the 'G's and saw the Big Pink G. Aaaah! There you are!
I pushed my abilities up:
Adreanaline. Holy Prayer and Morphic Oil of Wolf gave me the edge. He surrounded my with U-Summoners, by then.
I used my Q to teleport right two squares close to him. (Not letting him get the first hit) And used my Q again to occupy my adjacent squares. Then I simply meleed him to death, wich took quite some time in the spam of my GWOPs. The Anchor made sure he couldn't evase his deserved spanking. But I fear he ran out of mana anyway.
I kept my sanity up with potions, but didn't really need to heal up in melee though. Temporary AC 344 or so.
Finally he fell, my GwOPs dealt with the rest of his summoners. No artifacts of value I found in his remains.

++++ SPOILY: Best Part: Sting was able to drain life from Melkor. That was really not expected.+++++

And yes, it is boring in Valinor.

I declare myself guilty of:

Abusing randarts for the Godquest: After spending RL hours in the godvaults with no message of losing the Artifact, searching every single square. It was just to boring.

Abusing the Longsword of the Dawn to level my sentient swords. It was not worth the effort Mormegil and Sting could have been leveled up in pits too. I was just curions how they develop because I never had this chance before. Well, admittedly Sting was found by farming. Mormegil I had rather early in the game and really nice randarts and egos swords, so I don't think it really made a difference.

I did NOT scum for Randarts. Those 3 geno randarts were luck. 2 of them I found even before Satisfy Hunger.
Never found a massgeno randart. Strange...

On 15.7.2004 01:52 wrote:
Congradulations! Killing Melkor with a melee character is quite a feat.

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