The Angband Ladder: Combat Thunderthighs, Half-Titan Berserker by <>

Posted on 22.5.2004 10:27
Last updated on 23.5.2004 00:55

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On 22.5.2004 10:27 wrote:
My berserker attempt. So far, a fun power trip, but not much suspense or strategy involved--just straight-up slaughter.

Until next,


On 23.5.2004 00:55 wrote:
Gotta love that Slayer.


On 23.5.2004 06:09 wrote:
Grrrrrr... :)

I've only played a half-titan berserker once. It looks like you're following my old berserker strategy of farmng the anti-magic cave. I should go back to that...

My failing in that strategy was not staying patiently on the first level (40).

Some easy quests you can squeeze in your mid 20s are the Mimic's Treasure and the Tengu and Death Swords quest, both in Morivant. If you're lucky you will score some decent equipment with minimal risk (the worst is the initial charge up the first mimic "corridor" when you run the chance of getting blasted/cursed and/or having bad things summoned on you).

But then again, obviously you're not suffering for equipment. :)

Does unusual rooms affect anti-magic cave?


On 23.5.2004 07:57 wrote:
Yep, it certainly does, Cliff.

And I conveniently forgot about the Great Wyrm of Power waiting on the other side of a granite wall...specifically, its ability to INTELLIGENTLY BREATHE DISINTEGRATION through granite walls. It proceeded to take me down to -7 HP despite my best attempts to whittle it down to size. *Sigh*

Better luck next time, I hope.


On 23.5.2004 11:49 wrote:
Ouch! Where's the death stats, then? :)

My current berserker (Drak, elsewhere on the ladder) is doing good, at 33rd level, having just finished the dlvl 38 random quest and some farming of the anti-magic cave level 40.

He's doing so good, he's bound to die any second. ;)

Alas, he's already lost the Arena--succumbed to the Shambler in fight #35. The Shambler's lightning breath doesn't seem to give a hoot about how much resist lightning one may have.


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